Who The Hell Is Shogun’s Mysterious New Artist Abacus?

Cider and classic rave tracks…. Koppaberg clearly know the score. They’ve just broadcast a brand new UK TV commercial in which a Shogun Audio release perfectly soundtracks an idyllic summer’s day in the mountains with friends, kites and fruity alcoholic beverages.

The release is Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime (I Need Your Loving) which is a cover of the classic Korgis-sampling 1992 rave bomb by NRG (then later Baby D in 1995) It’s an authentic cover that changes the focus and rounds off the groove with the perfect balance of nostalgia and freshness. But we’re pretty sure we’re all on the same page here when we ask this: Who the dickens is this Abacus character. We know it’s a Shogun artist but which one? Something doesn’t add up here. Continue reading