Desiigner & Dave East Get The Drop On Some “RIICH” Hobblers

It’s rather unusual, to say the least: a weekend drop at little to no cost. It’s taken Desiigner thiiiis long to find some common ground with Dave East, the self-professed “only rookie” in the game “with veteran ways.” Besides the obvious remedial qualities that East’s possesses as a featured artist, Desiigner actually holds his own – and why shouldn’t he? Continue reading

Mariah Carey’s 10 Year Challenge Entry Is Timeless

Mariah Carey has made some iconic remarks concerning many concepts and even people by disregarding their existence. The elusive chanteuse apparently doesn’t acknowledge time either. While she partook in the 10 year challenge, Carey made a point about her timelessness. She uploaded a photoset of two identical pictures of herself with her puppy. The shots of the bikini-clad songstress are captioned to explain her stance: “I don’t get this 10 year challenge, time is not something I acknowledge. *Picture taken at some point prior to today.” View her upload after the jump. Continue reading

Instagram Gallery: Remembering Mac Miller

Unfortunately for frat-rapper-turned-hip-hop-icon Mac Miller, life really does imitate art. Disarmingly transparent about his longstanding battle with addiction and substance abuse, Miller often exorcized his inner demons on wax by spitting bars about finding solace in the bottom of a bottle. On the track “Brand Name” off of Miller’s 2015 album GO:OD AM, the Pittsburgh-bred rapper eerily references his desire to not join the ranks of other artists who tragically died at age 27.  Continue reading