Top 15 Disco & Funk February 2018

Howdy! Can you feel it?! Spring is just around the corner! It finally got close to 80 degrees here in Austin, TX for the first time in months. We saw about 2 hours of sun and that got everyone in the city excited for the turn of the season. Apparently they remember little of the constant 100 degree …

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Author: Funky Fresh Fire

Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Is Back And More Surreal Than Ever [Non-Spoiler Review]

Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Is Back And More Surreal Than Ever [Non-Spoiler Review]

Photo Credit: Matthias Clamer / FX

The game’s most wholly original television show, Atlanta, is back and our own Danielle A. Scruggs breaks down just how good “robbin’ season” really is.

Atlanta, one of the most wholly original shows on TV is back — and this time it’s Robbin’ Season. What I appreciate about Atlanta is that it makes smart observations about race and class without bludgeoning you over the head with their point.

We see several recurring themes: how it’s expensive to be poor, how easy it is to be railroaded by the criminal justice system, how gaining fame is not the same as earning money, the subtle ways white people exert their power over others, and how certain black people pander to that power dynamic as a means of survival. Continue reading