Wooli’s Top Five Mammoth Bangers

Wooli’s just dropped the EP of his life so far…

Fittingly titled Mammoth, it’s his debut Never Say Die EP and showcases his broadest style from straight up ‘briddim’ stampedes to touching emotional vocal tracks by way of big metal riffs and features Mastadon, Travis Richter, Josh Marment (AKA Diamond Eyes) and Kompany.

“With this EP, I wanted to create something that would fully represent who I am as a person both on and off stage,” Wooli tells us. “Music is something I do for fun, where I pick and choose what to take seriously and what not to. I never want this to feel like a job, that’s when it stops being fun. I’ve always had the intention to write both heavy briddim dubstep and melodic music that is emotional and personal to me. Sometimes with heavy music, it’s hard to convey emotion, so I use my melodic side to help do that. I was ecstatic that Never Say Die allowed me to add one of my melodic tunes to the EP. It just proved to me why they are some of the best guys in the industry, truly allowing the artist to express themselves how they want.” Continue reading

David Morales arrested in Japan on suspicion of smuggling MDMA

Morales faces up to seven years in prison.

Veteran DJ and producer David Morales has been arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling after he was found with 0.3g of MDMA in his possession at Japan’s Fukoka Airport.

Morales was detained early on Sunday morning (October 7) after a customs official found just five granules of the drug in his carry-on baggage.

“He was arrested for allegedly violating the law on narcotics and psychotropics control,” a police spokesman told news agency AFP. Continue reading