Kyo Itachi & Realio Sparkzwell ft. C- Rayz Walz – Enemy Of The State (Audio) Taken Off: AKIRA (Album)

French-based producer Kyo Itachi and New York-based emcee Realio Sparkzwell team up with fellow New Yorker C- Rayz Walz on their track ENEMY OF THE STATE

Kyo Itachi and Realio Sparkzwell came together back in May to bless a high concept album based loosely on the cult classic anime film ‘Akira’. The duo cooks up a masterpiece in the conceptual visual art, in the form of music. They capture dramatic themes and topics that express a great dynamic, with a organic chemistry to it. ‘Enemy Of The State’ says it all and is very relevant to the times at hand.

“This album will tell a story if you pay attention to it. Over time one may catch more and more of what was done here. Pay Attention”, explains Realio Sparkzwell. Continue reading