Jonáš Gruska imagines alien ceremonial music on new album Žaburina

The  Bratislava-based artist explores beneath the surface for his sophomore LP.

FACT Rated microphone-builder and experimental composer Jonáš Gruska returns to his own label LOM with a new album, Žaburina.

The album charts a movement away from the DIY field recordings of his 2017 debut Spevy, focusing instead on digital synthesis and algorithmically-generated computer compositions that represent the imagined ceremonial music of what Gruska describes as “non-traditional, alien societies living mostly underwater”. Continue reading

House of Kenzo’s Der Kindestod debuts on Halcyon Veil with God As Daddy The Deranged EP

Stream the San Antonio producer’s blistering new project below.

House of Kenzo producer and DJ Der Kindestod has released a new EP, God As Daddy The Deranged, their debut for Rabit’s Houston-based label Halcyon Veil.

Der Kindestod combines macabre sound design and  spoken word with elements of industrial, noise and techno over three esoteric tracks described by the label as “audio examinations surrendered from the subterrestrial abyss”.

The EP follows the producer’s score for Skinny, a limited-run production by the The Stuttgart Ballet company. Texas event series Range Emotion will host an EP release party, featuring Jasmine Infiniti, House of Kenzo’s LEDEF and the premiere performance of God As Daddy The Deranged by Der Kindestod. Continue reading

The artistic (r)evolution of Signal

File under meteoric: Dutch producer/DJ Signal has swept across the international scene with undeniable dynamism. Commanding respect from peers through second-to-none productional skills and blessed with a unique gift of making lasting impressions, whilst still only 19 years old, Jonathan Kievit (Signal) concludes his release run for 2018 this week. Not just with an eight-track EP on Invisible Recordings but also a remix of What So Not & Skrillex’s Goh on Friday.

A lot has happened since the last UKF-interview with this versatile breakbeat aficionado. Many reasons call for another portrait of an artist who has risen at a near unparalleled speed and authenticity. So here it is: an in-depth convo about his rather humble beginning, maturing as an artist, and the deeper meaning of his most recent work, fittingly called Solitude. Continue reading