Jim Jones Mother’s House Burns Down On Christmas Day

Rapper Jim Jones attends Gold Room on May 6, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jim Jones’ family survived a fire on Christmas.

Jim Jones shared an emotional message on Instagram after his mother’s house caught fire the following day on Christmas.

In a video posted to Instagram on Monday, Jones stands before fire crews saying, “The best gift of all is all my family is together. Everybody’s safe,” and later writing his family escaping the fire has been the “greatest Christmas gift in my life thus far.” Continue reading

2017: Year of the Black Woman

2017: Year of the Black Woman

Photo Credit: Laura Alston for Okayplayer

2017 continued to be the Year of the Black Woman, as creatives such as Dee Rees, Cardi B and more changed the rules and forced the world to see them true.

Yeah, we said it: 2017 was the Year of the Black Woman. It wasn’t a foregone conclusion that this would be the case, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we should’ve seen it coming from the moment Rep. Maxine Waters told the world her mission was the impeachment of Dotard Donald Trump—on the week of his inauguration.

Black women have been wielding their political, creative and societal power all year long, changing the rules and redirecting the national conversation on everything from body image to Buckingham Palace. Some reclaimed their time, using the ballot box to make their point, as recently as last week in the Alabama senate race. Others took back their very lives from toxic relationships. And still there were those who made headlines with their engagements and pregnancies, forcing the world to see them as the beauties they truly are. Continue reading