“Sad music makes happy people”: The story of Redeyes – Broken Soul

Redeyes isn’t short of a poignant, emotional tune or two. Going right back to his early work in the mid 2000s on Bingo and Spearhead, tracks such as All Alone and Hey Lover, a strong proportion of his work has been on the barbed soul side.

But no previous Redeyes release has been quite as poignant, barbed or soulful as his new album Broken Soul. Out now on Lenzman’s evergreen soul stable The North Quarter, Broken Soul is the Toulouse artist at his rawest and most honest. From the DRS-fronted lament The Hurt to the reflective shimmers of Fool Of Me, it’s an abyssal reflection of his depths and melancholy. Continue reading

Experimental vocalist Stine Janvin brings her Fake Synthetic Music to PAN

Check out Erik Ferguson’s mesmerizing visuals now.

Experimental vocalist, performer and sound artist Stine Janvin has joined Berlin label PAN for the release of her next album, Fake Synthetic Music.

The announcement arrives with a music video from filmmaker Erik Ferguson, whose digitally-rendered organic forms provide the perfect visual accompaniment to Janvin’s eerily synthetic vocal performances.

Using vocal manipulation techniques the artist is able to produce unique approximations of sounds approaching techno, trance and rave music, as “she explores sonic and optical illusions, otoacoustic emissions and minimal melodic sequences”, a press release explains. Continue reading

Jewelz Part II – Real Talk EP

Track list
01. Real talk (Defiant remix)
02. Real talk (Dubzta remix)
03. Real talk (Filthy Gears remix)
04. Real talk (Jammz remix)
05. Real talk (Oddkut Remix)
06. Real talk (Creep N00m remix)
07. Real talk (Sofasaur Remix)
08. Real talk (Sqz Me & Ghostek remix)
09. Real talk (Creep N00m Instrumental)
10. Real talk (Defiant Instrumental)
11. Real talk (Oddkut Instrumental)
12. Real talk (Jammz Instrumental)
13. Real talk (Filthy Gears Instrumental)
14. Real talk (Sqz Me & Ghostek Instrumental)
15. Real talk (Dubzta Instrumental)
16. Real talk (Sofasaur Instrumental)
17. Real talk (Accapella) Continue reading