Gabrielle: Under My Skin review – a heartfelt comeback


It’s 25 years since Gabrielle scored a No 1 with her first single, Dreams (“can come true …”), virtually the story of her mercurial rise from bullied working-class black south Londoner with an eye condition to one of the 50 wealthiest women in the UK. Her career was subsequently derailed when a former boyfriend beheaded his stepfather and the tabloids descended, but by then she’d already scored another chart-topper (Rise in 2000), before eventually stopping music altogether to concentrate on motherhood. Continue reading

Manga Saint Hilare – Outsiders Live Forever

Track list
01. Never die (featuring Breeze)
02. Reflect
03. Do my ting
04. Men are trash (featuring Murkage Dave)
05. Lyrical thuggery (featuring PK)
06. True to me (featuring Frisco & Jme)
07. Stack & count (featuring 140Aks & Maxsta)
08. Outside interlude (featuring Nonamedisciple)
09. We fall

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Author: danny