Too Intense For Me: Helmet-Cam Footage From A World Championship Downhill Bike Run

This is the footage from downhill cyclist Rachel Atherton’s helmet-cam as she absolutely tears down a course in Lenzerheide, Switzerland to win her 5th Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Championship title. I don’t know how people can even react that fast. There’s no question if that had been me I would have missed the second turn and ended up in the woods wrapped around a tree. And despite what those Ents would have you believe, they’re actually terrible lovers. Plus I think ol’ Treebeard still gave me something even though I took precautions. “You made a condom out of poison ivy.” They looked like maple leaves! Continue reading

Modern Internet Company Logos Reimagined As 1970’s – 1990’s Animated Television Intros

This is a video from retro design and animation professional FuturePunk, featuring modern internet company logos reimagined as animated television intros from the 1970’s through early 90’s. I thought they were all well executed, and really took me back to the 80’s. “Do you even remember the 80’s?” Nothing specific except all the times I pooped when and where I wasn’t supposed to. Continue reading

Beautiful 12,000 Piece Rainbow Domino Wall Spiral Getting Knocked Down

This is a video of the 12,000 domino rainbow spiral constructed by Hevesh5, Sprice Machines, and Dynamic Domino over the course of two days, and knocked down in only a matter of seconds. But, just like a frienemy at the bar who’s gotten too drunk, it really is glorious to watch fall.

Keep going for the whole video including timelapse build, and knock-down and reversal in regular speed and slow motion from two angles. Continue reading

Kid Scares Dad Replacing Flooring, Dad Falls Through Bottom Of Trailer


Note: Keep your volume low, power tools and screaming.

This is a video of a guy scaring his father while he’s trying to replace some flooring in their trailer’s laundry room, and sending his dear old dad through the fiberglass insulation to the grass below. Who the hell tries to scare their dad while he’s operating a reciprocating saw? A friend or neighbor, sure, but a loved ones? That’s not right. “Says the guy who screamed bloody murder the last time I was pulling a pie out of the oven.” Okay now that was comedy gold, dear. Continue reading

Blue Marble 2, Another Delightful Potential-Energy Powered 2-D Rube Goldberg Style Machine

Remember Blue Marble? Well this is the sequel, Blue Marble 2, a Rube Goldberg style machine that moves the titular blue marble around a 2-D course via the power of potential energy. You probably won’t watch it which is a shame because it really is worth a view, it’s very clever. Some more info on the balloon air cannon part while I see how long a lunch break I can take without anybody saying anything (my previous record is 26 hours): Continue reading

Capcom Selling $22,000 Solid Gold Mega Man To Celebrate Franchise’s 30th Anniversary


Capcom has announced the release of 5-inch, 3.2-ounce, solid 24-carat gold Mega Man (Rockman) statues to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise. They cost $22,000. You rich but not that rich? They’re also selling a 2.3-inch, 0.7-ounce version for $6,300. Obviously, with the price of gold hovering right around $1,200 an ounce, it would be significantly cheaper to make your own. And significantly cheaper than that to not even want a solid gold Mega Man statue. But we can’t always help what we want, which is why I want you to take this knife and cut one of my kidneys out. “There’s already a huge scar back here.” Damn, I forgot I bought that solid gold Godzilla statue. Okay just take the other one. Continue reading