Why You Don’t Overfill Your Car Tires, A Public Service Announcement

This is a video from Chevy Chase, Maryland, of a man who apparently kept putting air in his right front tire for over two minutes before it finally gave up trying to rationalize with him and blew up in his face, which he’s lucky to still have. Did he think when the tire was full the air would just stop? Now I love putting air in my girlfriend’s tires at the gas station as much as the next guy who likes scoring brownie points while simultaneously huffing as many gas fumes as possible, but this is not how it’s done. For starters, he didn’t even take his shirt off and smear grease all over his chest. My girlfriend loves that move. “It’s so embarrassing.” And the sexy dance I do with the windshield squeegee between my legs?! “Remember how last time I left you at the gas station?” You said it was an accident! Continue reading

Custom Horror Movie Character Garden Gnomes


These are some of the custom horror movie character garden gnomes (‘Garden Nightmares’) made and sold by Casper and Sadie Revenant of RevenantFX (also available in their Etsy shop). They cost around $55 apiece and make the perfect addition to your Halloween garden or pumpkin patch. Want a horror movie character garden gnome but don’t have the money to spend? Just modify an existing garden gnome. That’s what I did, and now my neighbor is posting signs demanding whoever stole his garden gnomes return them. Haha, piss off, Mr. Martin, stop blowing your leaves into my yard. Continue reading

Man Spends 200 Hours Building A Bike Entirely Out Of Wood (Except For The Chain Rollers And A Few Washers)

This is a video of Youtuber The Q spending 200 hours building a rideable bicycle entirely out of wood. Well, except for the chain rollers (the parts of the chain that make contact with the pedal gear) and a few washers, just like I mentioned in the title. Do a bunny hop! Obviously, it’s definitely not the most practical bike in the world to ride. Or practical at all. Why did you build this again? You might as well have gone all the way and made the wheels triangles. Just kidding it’s perfect do a car next would watch and subscribe. Continue reading

Fendi Pulls $1,000 Scarf After People Say It Looks Like Lady Privates


Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi has pulled its $1,000 ‘Touch Of Fur’ shawl from online sale after everyone on the internet agreed it looks like a vagina. Some even went as far as to say it will make the wearer look like they’re being born. Personally, if I were Fendi I would have tripled production, but used faux fur instead of fox fur because I think we can all agree that, while what the fox said may be up for debate, it almost certainly was not ‘Please kill me so I can be the pubic hair of your $1,000 vagina scarf.’ Continue reading