Back To The Future Mr. Fusion USB Car Charger


This is the officially licensed Back To The Future Mr. Fusion USB car charger designed and sold by ThinkGeek. It costs $40 (damn!), plugs into a standard 12V power adapter (unfortunately it doesn’t run on banana peels and Miller High Life), and has two 2.1-Amp charging ports. Plus it sits in your cup holder and looks like the Mr. Fusion home energy reactor Doc Brown installed on the back of the time-traveling DeLorean in Back To The Future II. Except, you know, that Mr. Fusion was mounted outside on the rear of the car and not in a cup holder. Which is why I just ran some wire and hot glued mine where it belongs. Now if you’ll excuse me, this Find My Phone app indicates my phone is somewhere around mile marker 126 on the highway. “Frogger time.” You know it! Continue reading

New ‘Early Man’ Trailer Evolves Out of the Stone Age

The latest trailer for Aardman’s upcoming stop-motion film Early Man paints our clearest picture yet. There’s plenty of comedy to mine in setting the story around a community of primitive prehistoric humans–and this trailer certainly suggests director Nick Park will be doing just that–but Early Man evolves that premise in a literal fashion. The story will take its characters and audiences out of the Stone Age and thrust them awkwardly into the cutting-edge technology of the Bronze Age. It’s a narrative that’s been done before, but never with the charm, style, and …

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I Think I Learned: Teacher Demonstrates The Marble Tracks He’s Built To Teach Physics Principles


This is a video of Pennsylvania physical science teacher Bruce Yeany demonstrating a bunch of the marble tracks he’s built over the years to teach students various physics principals. I thought it was a great refresher course in basic physics. And by refresher course I obviously just mean fresher course because I did not know any of those things. Did I even learn physics in school? SPOILER: No I did not, because I was out the whole semester with mono from kissing girls on the playground. “He licked the monkey bars.” IT WAS A SWING SET, MOM. Continue reading