What Sorcery Is This?: Archer Learns How To Curve Arrows Around Objects

This is a video of skilled archer (and presumable Renaissance Faire special guest) Lars Andersen (previously) demonstrating his ability to curve arrows around objects, including live people. I can’t say that’s a volunteer situation I would have raised my hand for. Still, very impressive skills. You know, I actually took an archery course a few years back to hone my apocalypse survival skills but I was kicked out without a refund because “No, we’re not doing the apple on top of a head trick,” and “You just shot me!” Continue reading

98 Crossover Images Tease the CW Superheroes’ “Crisis on Earth-X”

Going to kick this off with a spoiler warning, because these images tell a lot of the story of the upcoming crossover bonanza “Crisis on Earth-X.” They don’t reveal everything, but there’s definitely enough that if you want to just enjoy all of the surprises, well, thanks for joining us but get outta here! Honestly, if you flip through these 98 (!) images fast enough, you’ve probably already watched the crossover. There are a lot of fascinating things revealed, though, as we see the teams from The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl banding together to …

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver on Rey and Kylo Ren’s Intertwining Paths

One of the aspects that has made the new Star Wars sequels so intriguing is the strong central dynamic between Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Even if you strip away the mystery regarding Rey’s parentage, you still have two powerful Force users who come from different backgrounds and are swept into a much larger conflict. While at the outset we may see two characters headed towards different sides of the Force with Rey going toward the Light and Kylo Ren heavily on the Dark Side, that doesn’t mean they’ve staked out their positions. If …

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Man Trains His Tiny Pet Spider To High Five


This is a short video of a man teaching his tiny pet jumping spider to high five. Or maybe that’s just its way of telling him to back off before they have to fight. I don’t really know too much about spiders except people generally don’t like them, which is a shame because they’re actually fascinating creatures that like to crawl in your mouth and butt while you sleep.

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Thanks to Brian M, who trained his pet spider to sit on his shoulder like a parrot. Plus talk. Impressive! Continue reading