‘Deadpool 2’: Ryan Reynolds Goes Full Bob Ross in First Teaser

20th Century Fox has technically released the first teaser trailer online for Deadpool 2, but this is far from your average marketing campaign. The video, as revealed by Ryan Reynolds, is mostly just Deadpool dressed as gentile soul Bob Ross making a painting and cracking wise, but about two thirds of the way through we get a lot of flashes of footage from the film. So yeah, it’s Deadpool. This is certainly indicative of the unique marketing campaign for the first Deadpool, and the Deadpool 2 campaign began last week with the unveiling of the first poster inside an …

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The Heartwarming Story of a Foster Father Who Only Takes in Terminally Ill Children

Mohamed Bzeek, a 62-year-old Muslim immigrant in California, has spent the past two decades caring for terminally ill foster children. These children are neglected by the foster care system, frequently spending the whole of their short lives in state-run hospitals, and rarely get to experience love, hope, and laughter.

About 600 of the 35,000 children monitored by the Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services fall under the care of the department’s Medical Case Management Services, which serves those with the most severe medical needs. There is a desperate need for loving homes for these children, but Mohamed Bzeek’s is the only foster home in the county known to take them in. Continue reading

Zaytoven Speaks On Being Gucci Mane’s Groomsman, Linked With Lil’ Pump [Interview]

Zaytoven Speaks On Being Gucci Mane’s Groomsman, Linked With Lil’ Pump [Interview]

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The popular Atlanta producer, Zaytoven, carves out some time from his busy schedule to help us relive one of Gucci Mane’s most memorable moments.

In a world where producers and songwriters have yet to receive the full credit they deserve, there still remains a few big names circulating at the top of everyone’s radar. Zaytoven is definitely one of them. And for good reason. It’s no secret that everybody calls him the “godfather of trap music.” If we’re going by the books, Zay is a heralded producer from Atlanta, Georgia.

With a heavy roster of hits crafted for Gucci Mane, Migos, Future, Soulja Boy, and many more — Zaytoven has undoubtedly proven himself as one of the South’s most prolifics producers. While Gucci Mane seems to be having the best year of his entire 37-year life span, Zay seems to be the one who’s been with Guwop through thick and thin. As fans wait patiently for Gucci and Keyshia’s wedding to air on BET, we sat down with Zaytoven while he was visiting Los Angeles, CA to discuss what it was really like being a groomsman at the $2 million dollar wedding. Continue reading