5 Reasons You’ll Love Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is a secret no more. The long-awaited hyper-reality experience from ILMxLAB and The VOID officially opened to the public this weekend at the VOID Experience Center in Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort, and StarWars.com was there to try it out. Sporting headphone-equipped VR helmets and force-feedback vests, you and three friends go undercover as stormtroopers pre-Rogue One, with a mission to infiltrate an Imperial base on Mustafar and recover, well, some of the Empire’s secrets. In short, Secrets of the Empire envelopes you and allows you to truly step inside Star Wars. It feels new and next level, and definitely represents a sea change for Star Wars storytelling. StarWars.com will have more on Secrets of the Empire in the coming days, but here’s a spoiler: we loved it, and we have five reasons we think you will, too. Continue reading

‘Marvel’s Runaways’ and ‘Future Man’ Renewed for Season 2 on Hulu

Hulu is doubling down on two winners from their new crop of original series. Marvel’s Runaways and Future Man have both been handed Season 2 renewals at the streaming network. The news comes ahead of the Runaways Season 1 finale, which launches tomorrow, January 9, 2018. Both shows are getting a 13-episode Season 2 order. Runaways had a 10-episode first season, which fared well among critics and audiences and landed the No. 6 spot on our Best Superhero TV of 2017 list. Future Man’s first season spanned 13-episodes, which debuted back in November. [caption id=”…

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Whoa: A Jellyfish That Looks Like A Firework Explosion


This is a video from the Hercules ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) being guided by a research team aboard the the E/V (exploration vehicle) Nautilus off the coast of Mexico filming a deep sea Halitrephes maasi jellyfish that looks like an honest-to-God firework explosion. WIthout any light though it would actually be almost entirely transparent, it just looks like a firework thanks to the reflection of the rover’s lights off the creature’s radial canals and tentacles. Crazy, right? You know, Mother Nature, as much shit as I talk, sometimes you really are alright. “Anal spiders.” Um, what? “Nothing, nothing — just brainstorming.” YOU FILTHY BILGE HAG. Continue reading