Woodworking Artist Carves Floating Mug Sculpture Pouring “Liquefied” Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils Sculpture by Bobby Duke

Texas-based woodworking artist and YouTube star Bobby Duke specializes in hand-carved wooden sculptures and stone carvings. For his latest creation, Duke created an illusionary floating mug sculpture that looks like it’s pouring liquefied colored pencils. The mug is cleverly carved from a single block of basswood, while the “liquid” is made from hundreds of Crayola colored pencils that have been glued together and sanded into a flowing shape that cascades to form a “splash” at the base. A clear resin finish gives the piece an amazing liquid shine. Continue reading

Best of 2017: Top Innovative Design and Technology Developments of the Year

best design technology 2017

The best design and technology has the ability not only to improve our lives, but make a mark on society. As 2017 winds down, My Modern Met looks back at the most innovative technology and design we’ve covered this year. Environmentally conscious design continues to be a trend, as large companies and individual designers strive to improve the planet via breakthroughs in the products we use every day. In fact, half of our top 10 list—from solar tiles to drones that mimic bee pollination—were created to help combat the effects of pollution or global warming. Continue reading

‘Dunkirk’ Meets ‘Darkest Hour’ in a Mashup Trailer Built around Operation Dynamo

It’s likely that of the three movies this year that deal with Operation Dynamo—Dunkirk, Darkest Hour, and Their Finest—two of them will earn Oscar nominations (Dunkirk in a variety of categories and Darkest Hour probably earns a Best Actor nod for Gary Oldman). With that in mind, a fan has mashed up the trailers for Dunkirk and Darkest Hour to imagine what it would be like if the two stories were combined. It is somewhat impressive that both movies are so separate despite technically dealing with the same event. Churchill is a peripheral figure in Dunkirk, which …

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