So, We’ve Come To This: A $290 Toilet Plunger


This is the $290 (marked down from $350) American Master Plunger designed and crafted by the Re Made Company of New York City. It unclogs toilets after you try to flush too much toilet paper at once because suicide hot wings. Alternatively, use a regular $4 plunger. The plunger I use I actually bought from the 99¢ store and it works fine. That reminds me — a friend of mine used to live in a house that had carpet in the downstairs bathroom and one time the toilet backed up and soaked the carpet with shit water and he called me to come over and help remedy the situation, which I did with a gallon of gasoline and a lighter. Continue reading

‘Get Out’ Leads Gotham Awards Nominations; James Franco, Adam Sandler Score Best Actor Nods

In case you haven’t noticed, awards season is in full swing. I’ve been rolling out my early Oscar predictions all week, and today the nominations were announced for the 27th Annual IFP Gotham Awards, which kicks off awards season each year by honoring the very best in independent filmmaking. The Gotham Awards are also where some smaller movies can get a boost in profile right before the bevy of awards ceremonies begin, and somewhat surprisingly today’s Gotham nominations are led by a movie that came out in January: Get Out. Indeed, Jordan Peele’s social thriller scored …

‘The Snowman’ Review: The Cinematic Equivalent of Hypothermia

Director Tomas Alfredson’s previous films, Let the Right One In and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, have been delicate attempts at genre reconstructions. Let the Right One In isn’t just a vampire film and Tinker Tailor isn’t just a spy film. They take the genre conventions and find a way to do something new. Sometimes it works like with Let the Right One In and sometimes it comes up a little short like Tinker Tailor, but you can at least see a careful hand at work. His latest film, The Snowman, goes off the rails so badly that …