Risky BMX Trick Ends With Luckiest Landing Ever

This is a video of some young BMX’r attempting a pool to over-the-fence front flip when he comes up a little short and somehow manages to land with both legs between fence posts instead of an extra butthole. Lucky. Also, after seeing this there’s no way this kid’s mom is ever letting him ride a bike again.

Keep going for the whole video, complete with double “OOOH MYYY GOSH” from the cameraman. Continue reading

Artist Creates Fairytale Dresses Out of Leftover and Used Gift Wrapping Paper

Most people throw away torn gift wrap as soon as they open their Christmas presents, but not Olivia Mears. The 26-year-old costume designer from North Carolina uses the colorful junk to create Disney princess-like dresses.

Mears is famous for turning unconventional materials into stunning outfits. Back in 2015, she went viral online for a “Taco Belle” dress inspired by Belle’s yellow gown from Beauty and the Beast, but with a dress featuring giant tacos. Keeping the Taco Bell theme going, she later created a dress exclusively out of Taco Bell wrappers, then a “Pizarella” dress shaped like a giant pizza, a warrior princess armour made of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer packaging, and even a toilet paper dress. But her torn gift wrap gowns are probably the most impressive. Continue reading

The Superhero Movies of 2017, Ranked

In a year where real-life heroes often felt too hard to find, their on-screen counterparts thrived. Superhero movies flourished in 2017, serving up a healthy mix of artistic heights, box office triumph, and historical moments in the genre. We got our first female-led superhero movie. We said goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. We got our first live-action team-up of the Justice League. We got a new Spider-Man, finally in the hands of the MCU. We got a Taika Waititi blockbuster, for goodness sake. That variety and quality paid off in spades at the …

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