You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat: Custom Sculpted Jaws Baby Bed


This is the custom Jaws themed baby bed created by sculptor Joseph Reginella for his newborn, which was inspired by Quint’s death scene from the movie. As far as baby beds go, this is definitely the sharkiest one I’ve seen. Plus now that Joseph’s son has outgrown the boat, it’s become a cat bed (picture after the jump). Double life! Reduce, reuse, recycle. Gosh it seems like only yesterday I outgrew my baby bed and my parents decided I was finally old enough to start sleeping in the garage. *inhaling deeply* Still love the smell of gasoline. Continue reading

DGA TV Nominations Include Bill Hader, Donald Glover, and Cary Fukunaga

The Directors Guild of America Awards have announced nominees in their TV, commercials, and documentary categories ahead of tomorrow’s feature film nominations announcement. The TV nominations consist of a pretty swell batch, from Barry’s Bill Hader to Atlanta’s Donald Glover and Hiro Murai. On the drama side, Adam McKay scored a nomination for helming the Succession pilot, and Cary Joji Fukunaga received a much-deserved nomination in the Limited Series category for Maniac alongside Sharp Objects helmer Jean-Marc Vallée. Check out the full list of DGA TV nominations below, and check back tomorrow for the …

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Hey It’s Me, Bear: Bear Rings Family’s Video Doorbell


This is some footage from a Ring video doorbell in Florida of a black bear that casually strolls onto the home’s porch, knocks over and breaks the family’s Christmas decorations, then rings the doorbell with its nose so they can admire its handiwork. I just came over to borrow a cup of honey, I swear. Is Goldilocks in there?! OPEN THE DOOR. I demand extradition! She broke my son’s chair and now he wants a La-Z-Boy. Continue reading

Words Of Wisdom: Life Lessons With Mr. T


This is a throwback video of life lessons with Mr. T. I believe they were all taken from the ends of episodes of the animated Mister T television series, where a real-life Mr. T would teach a lesson in the same vein as the end-of-episode G.I. Joe PSAs. I learned a lot by watching it. Actually, I learned everything I know by watching it, and there’s no doubt in my mind if more people lived their lives by Mr. T’s lessons the world would be a much better place. But they don’t, so I’m afraid if nothing changes I’ll have no other choice but to push the big red button on my birthday this year. What a present that will be. Continue reading

‘WTF 101’ Review: This NSFW Take on ‘Magic School Bus’ Will Teach You a Thing or Two

Imagine what kind of show Rick and Morty would be if it actually explored real-world science, technology, history, medicine and more. Or, coming at that idea from a different angle, imagine what kind of show The Magic School Bus would be if it tackled mature, adult, and often gross subjects that are taboo, but did so in an NSFW manner. Now stretch that overtaxed imagination of yours a little more and wonder what it would be like if a show like that actually existed. Well, as of today, it does! College Humor’s relatively new streaming service DROPOUT is …

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