Man Forced to Live in His Car to Escape Controlling and Abusive Girlfriend

A 59-year-old man who had moved from the United States to Britain in order to be with a woman he had met playing poker online recently decided to live out of his car just to get away from his controlling and sometimes violent girlfriend.

Robin C. met his girlfriend while playing poker on the internet. They started chatting online, and after a few months, their friendship turned into a romance. Everything was going great, but alarm bells did go off on one occasion when the woman threatened to send intimate pictures of him to his boss in the US if he didn’t travel to Hull to see her. It was definitely a weird way of convincing him to come to her, but Robin put it all on her desire to be with him. He just brushed it off, but little did he know that her unusual behavior on that occasion was just a sign of things to come. Continue reading

Demonstrating The Nikon Coolpix P1000’s 125X Optical Zoom By Zooming On Distant High-Rise, The Moon


These are two videos of Nikon’s new $1,000 Coolpix P1000 camera being put through its zooming paces by being focused on a distant high-rise building, and the moon. Admittedly, that 125X optical zoom is pretty impressive. So, you think if you zoomed that thing in as far as it can go on my eyeball you’d be able to see my soul? “Maybe if you still had one.” The devil told you about that, huh? “And to win a big stuffed prize at the fair?” You don’t get it, I was worried my girlfriend thought I was a loser before. “And now?” She left me shortly after and didn’t even bother to take the giant emoji turd. Continue reading

Bicyclist Ignores Draw Bridge Warning Gates, Immediately Rides Bike Right Into A Gap In The Bridge

Because some cyclists don’t believe the laws of the road pertain to them, this is a video from the Racine Street Bridge in Menasha, Wisconsin on the 4th of July of a 37-year woman who bikes between the draw bridge warning gates, and immediately into a gap in the bridge. What did she think she was going to do, jump it? (I would have jumped it)

A little over a minute passes before people realize what happened and rush to her rescue. Continue reading

A Fireworks Baby Gender Reveal Goes Wrong


This is a video of a fireworks-based gender reveal in Philadelphia starring two parents who decided to set the fireworks on the absolute flimsiest thing they could possibly find. In this case, a collapsable clothes drying rack. Unsurprisingly, the fireworks fall over and begin shooting at the crowd of friends and family gathered for this momentous occasion, sending them all scrambling for cover (some received minor burns, but there were no serious injures). Based on the explosion right in front of the camera, I take it they’re having a baby girl, and I sincerely hope they use more sense while baby-proofing their home than they did while choosing a fireworks launchpad. Continue reading

A Viking Axe Straight Razor For Shaving Your Beard


This is the $125 Straight razor warrior axe in Viking Celtic Nordic style Free Shipping original men’s gift (I copied and pasted) handcrafted by Magic Ethnics and available for sale on Amazon. The functional straight razor is made from tempered steel and each comes in its own wooden storage box. Personally, I’m terrified of shaving with a straight razor, but my older brother does it, despite not being manlier than me in any way whatsoever. For the longest time growing up I actually thought he was just an aunt who lived with us. It’s cool, we’ve always joked around like that. Hi Frank! Also, I’ve only had a straight razor shave at the barber’s once, and I was petrified the entire time that he was going to purposefully slit my throat because my brother might have paid him to. Continue reading

Company Announces Release Of New ‘Flying Car’

These are several videos (a launch trailer, a flight demo, and a features video) of Opener’s Blackfly ‘flying car’. Although it’s not actually a car since it can’t be driven on roads, it’s more of a tiny personal aircraft that flies with eight blades attached to front and rear airfoiles. The Blackfly has already been approved for flight in the U.S. and Canada as an ultralight vehicle, may be commercially available as early as next year, and (according to Opener founder and CEO Marcus Leng) “for the price of a SUV.” I don’t know about you, but I’m already planning the sale of a roommate’s kidney. Continue reading