Russian Company Offers Parents Gold Plated 3D-Printed Models of Their Unborn Children

Mothers who can’t wait to hold their babies until they are actually born can now fulfill their greatest dream with the help of 3D-printed, life-size models of their unborn children based on ultrasound imagery.

Embryo 3D is not the world’s first company to offer parents 3D-printed plastic models of their soon-to-be-born children, but it claims to offer the highest degree of realism, not to mention several choices of material, from basic plastic to gold or silver-plated plaster. They apparently use advanced ultrasound technology that offers an incredibly detailed 3D image of the baby, including face, hands, feet and umbilical cord. Continue reading

REPORT: iPhone X Plus Arriving This September

According to Forbes, the next iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone X Plus, will be arriving this September.

The iPhone X itself received a lot flak right out the gate, leading Apple to cut production of the phone in half this past February. Apple is surely hoping that the new versions of the phone will help to bring it out of purgatory with improved specs and new hardware.

Also in the pipeline is the iPhone X Plus, which Forbes believes — apparently contrary to many other sources — will feature a 6.2-inch OLED display, much larger than the iPhone X’s current 5.8-inch display (the usable space of which is actually smaller than the iPhone 8+’s 5.5-inch display). That phone is expected to arrive in September, and will be a direct competitor against Samsung’s Galaxy S9+. Continue reading