Tamiya Land Rover Defender 1:10 Scale R/C Model Kit

This Land Rover Defender 1:10 scale remote control model from Tamiya sits on a full four-wheel drive chassis with lockable differentials, oil-filled coil over dampers on all four corners, a live rear axle, and independent front suspension.

The Land Rover Defender is a 4×4 that needs no introduction, it’s based on the original Series 1 Land Rover from 1948 though it was considerably refined over the intervening decades of course. The Land Rover DNA remained strong in the Series and Defender models, a new Defender is currently in the pre-release “teaser” phase and the Land Rover faithful are waiting with baited breath to see if it’s going to be a worthy successor to its iconic forebear. Continue reading

26 Pictures Unseen For Over 25 Years: A Visit To The Britten Motorcycle Workshop In 1993

This series of 26 images were taken in March 1993 by Matt Thompson and his family, on a special birthday trip to the Britten workshop near Christchurch in 1993. These photographs been completely unseen by anyone other than Matt and his family for the past 26 years.

1993 was a big year for the John Britten and his young company, the remarkably advanced superbike that he’d designed and built was taking the world by storm – it had a dry weight of 138 kilograms with 166 hp and a top speed of 303 km/h. These are impressive numbers today, but in the early 1990s they were jaw-dropping. Continue reading