The GEV Adventure Truck
is now on the market and these guys mean serious business with their
off-road/off-grid vehicle. This beast enables you to reach almost any
place whilst being practically self sufficient on a number of amenities
because it can carry up to 90 gallons of fresh water, 26 of wastewater,
its diesel tank will take 100 gallons, and the solar panels on the roof
will get you around 650 watts of electrical power that can be stored in
its Li-Ion batteries. You may choose this vehicle base from a Ford F-550
or a Dodge Ram, either way you get enough power and reliability to
spend the weekend by your favorite lake or go to the most difficult to
reach spot you may think of. The off-road camper is also totally
customizable so you may easily suit it to your needs. Continue reading


Developed in collaboration with the mountain guides of Chamonix, the Dorsa 27
is an urban-inspired technical backpack that responds to the needs of
ski mountaineers. Designed for day trips and technical descents, the
compact backpack carries 27 liters of ski equipment in a technical,
clever, dark and cheeky volume. With a roll top main compartment, easy
access to the bottom of the pack through a front zipper system, dual ice
axe loops and both A-frame and diagonal ski carry options, this slim
silhouetted pack has everything you need and nothing you don?t. Continue reading


Samsung have introduced a wide monitor that takes up almost no space,
with no messy cables, making it perfect for tiny offices. The Samsung Space Monitor
enhances work efficiency by increasing useable desk space, making it a
good fit into places where space is limited. The fittingly-titled Space
Monitor has an integrated arm that can be clamped to the desk, and lets
you lean the monitor against the wall or place it directly onto your
desk. A special cable management system geared towards a tidier and more
spacious setup is also included. It is available in two models, one
measuring 27 inches with a QHD resolution, and the other a 32-in, 4K UHD
display. watch the video below Continue reading


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At Pakt, minimalism is a way of life they inject into the DNA of everything they design, including their travel-optimized bags. Years of research, compiling of feedback, and cutting the fat culminated in the Pakt One Bag, equipped with everything you need and nothing you don?t to get there and back in seamless style. Continue reading