Looking for a one of a kind adventure? Check out Ice Rovers,
a company that specializes in renting out Land Rover Cars to explore
Iceland. Feel the complete freedom which hiring a good car and driving
around the land of ice and fire will give you. The Land Rover Defender
is the best car for highland driving in Iceland, it is stable on gravel
roads, plus it is strong and reliable for all conditions. Ice Rovers has
a wide range of modified and custom made 4×4, and they?ll advise on the
best camper to suit your desires. The cars come equipped with GPS, roof
tents, a snorkel for crossing rivers, a VHF long-range radio, a special
front bumper for ice, spot lights, a rope, a shovel, plugs for
repairing punctures, and normal tools. The cars are also equipped with
larger 38-inch tires to tackle the demanding and challenging environment
in search of the perfect spot to view the infamous Northern lights.
Customers can also rent extra gear according to their needs. Continue reading


Izola manufactures everyday staples made with a nod to the past and an
eye on the future. Their latest addition is this sleek flashlight that
doubles as a camp lantern. Made of stainless steel with a matte gold
finish, the Torch Lantern features a collapsible head that allows it to
function as both a flashlight and a traditional camping lantern. Simply
unscrew its top to expose the bulb, which is covered by a diffuser to
help spread light more evenly in your tent or room. Its even got a
bottle opener for late night brews! Continue reading


The Moskito Watch
is an analogue watch and bike computer in one! The distinctive feature
is the fact that this smartwatch looks a lot like a common
analog/chronometer, but you may quickly detach it from your wrist and
set it on your bike as a cool looking classic speedometer with the
provided bike mounting system. Along with smart functions such as mail,
messages or call notifications, you get a wide array of info on the
mandatory app that comes along with every device, such as average speed, instant
speed or distance you?ve traveled. The item is Swiss made, beautifully
finished in aircraft grade steel or aluminum machined, and available in
silver or a black anodized finish. A nice mix of tech and classic that
you may also use on your bike. watch the video below Continue reading


EverCam is a new product designed and developed by Eufy, a company that
specializes in developing smart home devices. This one in particular has
a distinctive feature, an included rechargeable battery that will last
up to a year, so no cables or electric supply hassle, plus its
proprietary operating system will not record familiar faces or animals
(it has a learning function that enables it to recognize regular faces
reducing false alarms by up to 95%), you may also set it to film only
when a heating source moves or with a regular motion sensor. It also
boasts a 140? wide-angle lens for a full-HD panoramic view, provides
live video streaming day and night, and is weatherproof. The magnetic
mounting system is also quite cool, so you may easily displace it onto a
different location should you need to. It records footage on a SD
memory card but you may also get a cloud subscription that will enable
you to see the footage it recorded through your smartphone or PC. “An
easier security system? seems to be the mantra of this sleek camera. watch the video below Continue reading