A belt usually has a simple task – hold up your pants, but the Kool Tool Belt by Bisons Design, lets you take your toolbox on the trail. The handy belt features a buckle that incorporates functional tools so you can make quick, on-the-go repairs. Made of durable nylon webbing fabric, the belt is paired with a steel buckle that features 9 useful tools, three wire strippers, large and small flathead screwdrivers, a Phillips head screwdriver, both standard and metric hex tools and rulers, and, of course, a bottle opener. Continue reading


Flak Sack by Loctote
is a theft-proof drawstring backpack made with slash proof material.
Simply tie your Flat Sack to a pole and leave it without worrying about
it being tampered with or stolen. This extremely slash-resistant bag is
like a portable safe for your valuables, it was designed to accommodate
the lifestyles of people on the go who need their essentials with them,
but are not able to be constantly looking after them. Simply lock the
bag closed or to any secure object and walk away. Inside, there is also a
waterproof pocket to protect your phone. watch the video below Continue reading


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Borrowed Time: Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935

There’s nothing quite as distinctive — and, in some cases, as polarizing — in the arena of vintage-style timepieces as a really period-accurate replica pilot’s watch, and Longines — whose century-plus timepiece archives have yielded an expansive and increasingly popular collection of Heritage models — has taken the style to a new level with the Avigation Watch Type A7 1935, a re-edition of a watch that debuted in that model name’s suffix year and which was worn by U.S. Army pilots in the years leading up to World War II. Continue reading