The Casio G-Shock’s Big Night

“My last wish and dream is that in 100 years anyone can travel around the universe and live in space and both humans and aliens are wearing G-Shock and the aliens are saying, ‘G-Shock is wonderful,’” says Kikuo Ibe, founder of the Casio G-Shock a few hours before the brand’s big 35th anniversary celebration at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Kikuo Ibe, founder of the Casio G-Shock. (Credit: Ryan Muir.)

Mr. Ibe — if you couldn’t tell — is an eccentric man who is a far cry from your typical watch executive. This may explain the G-Shock’s rabid fanbase among people who wouldn’t normally wear a watch. It’s likely the most popular watch in the world and this year it became the first timepiece to hit 100 million sold.  Continue reading