is a modular, mobile, lightweight camper that grows to 3 times its size
at the push of a button! The sleek trailer tows at roughly vehicle
height, but the moment you get to camp, it expands out into a cozy tiny
home.  It comes with a remote control that allows it to transition in
seconds between three modes and has a modular interior so you can tailor
to your space needs. It also provides standing headroom and space for
up to four people. Several layouts can be chosen, a single sleeper,
two-bed sleeper, king-size sleeper, and dining area, in addition to a
bathroom with shower, and  a slimline kitchen area with sink, stove and
worktop. watch the video below Continue reading


The Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a new add-on to Finex?s portfolio of cast
iron cookers. Being a FINEX product, all of its regular features are
there such as the high quality of the piece which you may verify by the
sheer weight of it: over 16 pounds! This ensures a really sturdy item
along with an even cooking throughout its surface and interior. The
metal also comes pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil so it?s ready to use and
on every surface you want to: induction, gas, electric or straight over
barbecue coal. Another cool feature is its octagonal shape that makes
pouring the sauce an easier task or even using a spatula a breeze. You
also get spring shaped handles that provide fast cooling so you won?t
get burned handling it, a perfectly sealing lid that ensures moisture
and heat are kept within, plus the American made seal of quality is
assured with this piece. Continue reading