California-based outdoor gear brand Prometheus Design Werx
make some versatile hoodies that are capable of traveling with you
through practically any situation. Their hoodies are an updated
performance and technical version of the great American classic, full
zip, athletic hooded sweatshirt. They are made with technical materials
that keep you warm during harsh winters, have a modern streamlined fit
and silhouette, and design details PDW is known for. A style to wear
when the weather cools down and you find yourself requiring a mid-layer
that you can use all day and into the evening. Continue reading


The new Everdure 4K Grill
gets its name from the inspiration its set upon, the Kamado grill, a
clay cooker from Japan that dates back to 4000 years ago. It is based on
ancient knowledge and techniques, but using today?s tech which makes it
easy to use and enables almost any amateur chef to get great and
consistent results. It should also be known that this device has been
fine tuned using the expertise of one of the best chefs of our days?no
other than the renowned Heston Blumenthal. So you are looking into a
piece that is really been well thought of and beautifully designed. On
the practical side, it may use several different fuels, such as:
charcoal, gas or wood chips. It?s also pretty high tech: you get a touch
panel on the side to manage its temp (it features 6 different
temperature probes inside) along with an app to get data, tips and
recipes. It?s also extremely versatile so you may cook meat, veggies or
even pizza. watch the video below Continue reading