The word small may be relative, a small house has an awful lot of
benefits, from less clutter to the possibility of splurging on
higher-quality items you really love. Less space and less stuff also
means less cleaning, repairs, and a lighter mental load of household
chores. The beautiful El Nido House is a project born from the need to
recover an old house located in the historic center of the city of
Merida, México. Developed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura,
the unique home seeks to reinterpret the downtown outdoor lifestyle
hence the importance of the backyard and terrace. Given its antiquity,
several spaces were modified to achieve a better funccioning suited to
the present time, always respecting its historical character. The end
result is a project of great simplicity yet of great spatial richness,
achieved by using a minimal and simple palette of materials. Continue reading


Fine tune the art of making your favorite cup of coffee with this
gorgeous coffee grinder that deserves a place in your kitchen. The Weber Workshops team have set out to engineer and design a cutting edge coffee grinder for baristas both home and commercial. The sleek HG-2 Coffee Grinder
by Weber Workshops sure looks mighty impressive and is certainly a
thing of beauty. The HG-2 is built around the massive 83mm conical burr
set and features a transmission gearbox, magic tumbler, an optional
magnetic centering tumbler, a foldable crank handle, adjustable grinding
grades for a finer end product, and more. Available now in silver or
onyx finish options. Continue reading