For the past couple of months, in the NFT space; PFP projects have been bursting and tooling the legacy of successful early projects. Think of Bored Ape Club for example. Ever since we have been seeing many incredible PFP projects, I think they bring the NFTs to another level. It’s not just about making them, it’s about the art, the storytelling, the team coordination, and building a community onto something greater than hype. Among these projects, I wanted to feature about HPPRS. An 8k generative collection by the mighty SHAKKABLOOD, it’s basically a gang of rabbits who participate in mischievous & heinous activities. I love the creative direction on this collection and thanks to the team for sending me a sneak peek to share. This drop is currently on presale, check them out now at and on OpenSea. Continue reading

Photos of 40 Scariest Santas of All Time

Nowadays, everyone knows well the Christmas Santa in his red suit with a kind smile and his sack full of gifts. However, more than 50 years, the old bearded paunchy did not have the same nice look that we see today. For the proof, we let you discover these Santa Claus with absolutely creepy looks and clothes. Continue reading

Exquisite Hairpieces by Sakae Recreate Flowers and Butterflies with Resin and Wire

All images courtesy of Sakae

From liquid resin and thin strips of wire, Tokyo-based designer Sakae (previously) crafts delicate hairpieces known as kanzashi. The ornamental forms are often worn for special occasions and are realistic in shape and texture, with lustrous petals and wings in translucent shades that catch surrounding light. You can see more of Sakae’s hydrangeas, irises, and daffodils on Flickr and her site, and she auctions her pieces for buyers in Japan. Follow news about international releases on Facebook. Continue reading