Pleated Garments Inspired by Birds in Flight by Iris van Herpen

Syntopia is the latest haute couture collection from Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen. The line of beautifully pleated garments explores the increasing convergence of our organic bodies and inorganic elements of technology, while also incorporating designs inspired by birds in flight.

“As a former dancer, the transformation within movement has hypnotized me,” explained van Herpen in a statement about Syntopia. “For this collection I looked closely at the minutiae of bird flight and the intricate echoing forms within avian motion.” Continue reading

InVision New Mobile App Streamlines Design Previews and Process

InVision New Mobile App Streamlines Design Previews and Process InVision New Mobile App Streamlines Design Previews and Process

Jul 10, 2018

InVision just announced their new mobile app and it’s a  major step in putting mobile design at the forefront. Designers can experience their prototypes right from a device, allowing for instant spot-checking and feedback. Users can also write comments, sketch an idea, or drop in screenshots. Any changes to the desktop update in real-time on mobile, which for me is always the best feature, especially when you are running user testing.

More and more it’s awesome to see how InVision is setting a new industry standard for designers to share ideas, get feedback, and iterate on-the-go, giving them the tools to move designs forward faster, from anywhere. In a world that increasingly relies on mobile products and experiences, InVision is helping designers meet these needs. Continue reading

MAPA assembles “simple and austere” Sacromonte Chapel in Uruguay over one day

Architecture studio MAPA has designed this simple prefabricated wooden chapel for a vineyard in Maldonado, Uruguay, puncturing a black box through one of its slanted walls to provide a shrine for the patron saint of winemakers.

The prefabricated open-air chapel is located in the 101-hectare Sacromonte vineyard, which forms part of The Sacromonte Landscape Hotel in Pueblo Edén. Brazilian and Uruguayan studio MAPA previously designed 13 guest suites for the property.

Sacramonte Chapel by MAPA
Photograph by Leonardo Finotti

For the Sacromonte Chapel, components made in a factory in Portugal were sent to the rural setting, where they were put together in 24 hours. Continue reading

“Jenga on the mind?”

In this week’s comments update, plans for a pair of skyscrapers caused a debate on the merits of the stacked-box aesthetic.

Stacking up: Büro Ole Scheeren‘s plan for Barclay Village in Vancouver, which will be formed from irregularly stacked glass boxes, caused readers to question the merits of stacking volumes into a tower.

“Jenga on the mind?” asked Hikoo.

A disappointed Tyrannosaurus lamented: “I’d hoped we’d moved on from the jumbled stack of boxes style by now.” Continue reading