New Poster: THE PUNISHER by Jock!

Tomorrow we’ll have a brilliant new poster for THE PUNISHER – the most recent (and excellent) entry into the Marvel/Netflix lexicon of shows. We’re completely enamored with Jon Bernthal’s dogged and stoic portrayal of Frank Castle, and are excited to release a poster for the character by the one and only Jock!

This is an exciting pairing of artist and subject as Jock’s gritty, visceral rendering style nicely captures the tone of the show and portrays Frank as a watchful and powerful force of nature. If you haven’t seen the show yet, we definitely suggest remedying that.  Continue reading

ROCKETEER & BETTY Statue is Now Available for Pre-Order!

Soaring from the pages of Dave Stevens’ classic comic, the Rocketeer launches into action with his girl Betty by his side! This statue features both characters in comic-faithful outfits and gear with a semi-translucent rocket exhaust base supporting them in the air. Join these two on a high-fylin’ adventure and get yours today!

The Mondo Exclusive version – available until Friday (10/8) at 12PM (CT) – comes with an interchangeable “Surprised Betty” head! Continue reading

Look at the winners of the World Illustration Awards 2017

Among the 2,300 entries submitted by artistic and creative illustrators from around the world, the Association of Illustrators (AOI) has finally announced 17 winners at the recent World Illustration Awards exhibit at London’s Somerset House.

The entries were shown to the public at the prestigious workspace and gallery for artists and are themed on eight categories: design, research, editorial, advertising, self-initiated, site-specific, books, and children’s books. The winner, Italian illustrator Marco Palena, has been announced to be the Overall New Talent for the award show’s 41st year. His winning piece “Librerie in Fiore 2016” is a kind of hats off to Italy’s annual cultural celebration called. Bookshops in Blossom. Dutch illustrator Aart-Jan Venema, on the other hand, won the award for Overall Professional Award for his Green Man Festival illustration. Continue reading

Limited Edition Of The Daft Punk Glass Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

The Limited Edition 2017 Glass Xmas Ornaments, inspired by the Daft Punk Discovery era robot helmets, are glass blown from hand sculpted forms and electroplated in gold and silver lacquer.

The set comes in a black gloss custom Daft Punk gift box. Each ornament is approximately 75mm (3”) tall and 75mm (3”) wide and 100mm (4”) deep. Your tree will look so good even the Grinch wouldn’t dare steal these. Proudly made by Queen Of Snow Globes. Continue reading

Amazing Then And Now Photos Merge London’s Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Father Christmas arrives at the Arding and Hobbs store on Nov. 2, 1926 in Clapham Junction, London.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Europe

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year for friends and family, but have the modern trappings removed some of the magic from the holiday season?

Getty Images photographer Peter Macdiarmid combed through the photo service’s archives and digitally combined iconic pictures of Christmas in London throughout history with recent photographs from the city. The results are delightfully eerie and a pleasant reminder that, despite how much society may change, some traditions stay the same. Continue reading