Alan Jones elected as next RIBA president

Northern Irish architect Alan Jones has been elected to become the next president of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Jones, who won 52 per cent of the vote, will replace the current president Ben Derbyshire on 1 September 2019 and hold the position for two years.

The architect, founder of Alan Jones Architects, wants the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to “realise a more significant role and position in business and society” and reduce the number of architects leaving the profession during his presidency. Continue reading

Incredible 3D mosaics made from paper standing on end

At first look, perhaps you didn’t even see it. From a thumbnail view it’s hard to tell. But that beautiful mosaic is made of more than just ink. Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian-born artist with a particular talent mostly abandon by the time you leave grade school. She creates incredibly detailed and colorful portraits, logos, and whimsical doodles, out of standing strips of paper.

Her process is simple: cut and paste. It’s the imagination bit that’s hard. Brodskaya got her start in the medium when exploring different forms of illustration. Now she’s commissioned to design portraits for big names like Starbucks and Godiva. Her attention to detail and proclivity for bright, expressive colors, makes her a stand out, but it’s her eye for theme and emotion that will keep her around for years. Continue reading

Celebrate the beloved pet chicken with these funny footstools

Do you know someone who owns pets chickens? If you do, chances are you know that they think the birds are hilarious and that they tell stories as if the chickens are their children. The City Farm Girl has taken this obsession to a new level by creating footstool monuments to the beloved chicken.

They make a variety of breeds and personalities like “Best of Show Betty,” “Grumpy Ruby” and “FiFi” and are constantly coming up with new characters. Each chicken footstool is made with love by hand featuring an ‘egg’ center, bronze feet, and a soft felted surface. Continue reading

The Campana brothers launch cork furniture collection

Brazilian design duo Humberto and Fernando Campana have created a collection of furniture consisting of an armchair and three cabinets made almost entirely from cork.

Named Sobreiro Collection, the pieces were created to show off the potential of cork as a design material – that can be versatile, attractive and sustainable.

Sobreiro Collection by the Campana brothers

Known for their use of natural and raw materials, this is the first time the Campana brothers have worked with cork. In the past they have used leather, palm fronds and even fish skin to create unusual effects in their work. Continue reading