Ugly Holiday Rompers Are Finally Here For All Your Office Party Needs

Thanksgiving is over, and now we turn our thoughts to the next holiday looming over our heads. Don’t know what to wear to your next festive office gathering? These ugly holiday rompers are just what you need.

Suit up in these numbers and no one will dare double-cross you at the dinner table.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanaka, Get On Fleek has a romper suitable for you. These are printed front and back with short sleeves, attached collar, button top, and zipper fly below. All rompers are double-stitched for your comfort and peace of mind. Continue reading

Netflix just produced the best cannabis collection designed according to top TV shows

Netflix may be reigning over everyone else’s life these days but it seems the TV show streaming mogul is not content on just that. By teaming up with creative agency Carrot and California-based marijuana dispensary Alternative Herbal Health Services, the company just released their very own cannabis collection based on its various TV hits.

The project was initially aimed to promote its new show Disjointed which is largely based on a cannabis dispensary. But with its funky limited-edition packaging being up for sale in West Hollywood, the company is seeing an increase in public curiosity. Neither Carrot nor Netflix ever “physically touched the flower,” however. The whole design project, which highlights a range of rainbow colors, was produced and put out in accordance with the California law on the use and sale of cannabis. Continue reading

Subtle Snarls: The Sculptures of Erika Sanada

Weird, creepy, dark. Animals with extraneous parts. Just some of the words ceramic artist Erika Sanada uses to describe her abundant body of work. But these adjectives cover one half of the picture, for in these soft-looking, white-eyed mammals and their delicate winged companions, we see pasteled and tapered neonates, birthed, spanked, wiped clean, and delicately dipped in the finest royal icing. With bodies and gestures both sweet and sour, these smallish beasts display snarls, beaks, horns and teeth, all softened by a smooth, slightly creased texture that begs to be touched by the daring. But to the bold, beware – you may draw back a nub. Continue reading

Hilarious Snaps Of The Unfortunate Brides Upstaged By Animals On Their Wedding

Fabio Mirulla

Its your big day, youve spent months planning every last detail of your wedding and youre just about to capture the moment perfectly on camera whenyoure upstaged by a grinning donkey. At least thats what happened to these poor couples who were dramatically photobombed by a whole host of camera-hogging animals on their special day.

The hilarious snaps show a series of irate brides being upstaged by everything from a cat to a camel and a dog to a donkey.The pictures have been taken by some of the top wedding photographers around the world – which just goes to show even the experts run into problems from time to time.The snaps have been compiled by UK-based Wedding Photography Select. They curate and showcase thousands of images from the best wedding photographers around the world and hold six Excellence Awards competitions each year. Continue reading

Nature’s Beautiful Tragedy Explored in Illustration by Teagan White

Illustrator Tegan White cites “picking wildflowers” and “collecting animal bones” as some of her hobbies. Both of them show up in some of her latest pieces (gouache and watercolor on paper), which highlight the beautiful decay of creatures—a concept that White is particularly interested in. Specifically, the larger scope of her work is about “nature’s…

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Author: Sara Barnes

Korean Designers Develop Modern Furniture with Color-Changing Surfaces

Color Changing Furniture by Orijeen

South Korea-based design studio Orijeen released their latest collection—Color Flow—featuring two eye-popping, color-changing cabinets. Both pieces are covered in a lenticular surface which—depending on the position of the viewer, and how the light hits the surface—makes the curvy cabinets appear as if they can magically change color.

The smaller pill-shaped sideboard shimmers in shades of fuchsia, lilac, and sky blue; whereas, the taller wardrobe with a rounded top displays turquoise blues, mint greens, and shades of sunshine yellow. Each piece opens to reveal the polished wood within, along with some handy shelves and storage options. The makers state that their design process is “focused on a relationship among humans, objects and [their] environment.” Their hope is that this collection will remind users of their relationship with the object. Continue reading