Try not to laugh at Ben Zank’s strangely juxtaposed photographs

Capturing the strange and the out-of-place, Ben Zank‘s new photography series is all about awkward moments.

The Brooklyn-based photographer documents the struggle of life in a manner so surreal that you’ll find it hard to resist letting out a chuckle or two. Some of the photos are self-portraits while others involve subjects doing odd things like sliding face-first down slides and facing away from the camera.

Check out some of Zank’s photos below and follow him on Instagram for more! If you’re looking for prints, head on over to Opium Gallery. Continue reading

Photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy Makes Intriguing Lonely Facades Photo Collages

French photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy is fascinated by facades and front facing walls.

Whether it’s from a house, a shop, or the most mundane building, he captures its essence in a mesmerizing way: he digitally erased the rest of the buildings, only leaving the one wall that still stands. In the shadow of the end of the day, only enlighten by a few streetlights, his facades stand alone, telling different stories. A gorgeous series.

More info: Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: fubiz) Continue reading

Meet Watson, Kiko, And Harry, Three Best Friends Taking Over Instagram With Their Adorable Pics

What if I told you that this post is about three best friends, but not ordinary ones? Meet Watson and Kiko – two golden retriever boys, and Harry – one adorably silly cat who can’t imagine his life without his best dog buddies.

Unlike some people might think, three of them live in perfect harmony and share a very strong passion for napping. Their 23-year-old owner enjoys capturing those special moments that their furry friends share together and gives us a lot of joy to observe them on Instagram. Continue reading

Interview: Legendary Photographer Spends 70 Years Documenting American History

Art Shay photography

Back Alley Joy, 1965 (Photo ©Art Shay/Courtesy of Monroe Gallery of Photography)

Over the course of a 70-year career, eminent photographer Art Shay has documented the world around him, moving from the battlefield to the Oval Office with ease. Born in the Bronx in 1922, Shay’s love of photography began as a teenager; and when he later served as a navigator in the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II, he brought along his trusty Leica.

After returning from the military, he began a stint at Life magazine. It was here that he mingled with some of the great photographers of his generation—Francis Miller, Wallace Kirkland, and Alfred Eisenstaedt. At aged 26, working as Life‘s youngest bureau chief, he was writing bylines and absorbing lessons that would inform his entire career. Continue reading