10 Best Films of 2018 … So Far

Upon the year’s midpoint, here’s Scene360’s roundup of 2018’s best films so far. The biggest film event of the year so far wasn’t “Avengers: Infinity War” or “The Great Showman” proving a surprising box-office juggernaut in the face of bad reviews, it’s “Annihilation” being sold to Netflix and bypassing theatrical release internationally. A movie of…

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Author: Martyn Conterio

Artist Spotlight: Matthew Quick

Matthew Quick (previously featured here). See more images from “Monumental Nobodies” below.

In my series ‘Monumental Nobodies’, I sought to reveal the pressing issues of society by distorting images of power with irony and humour.

“Statues and monuments were my starting point; they map the rise and fall of Empires, punctuating an arc through triumph and failure. With their conscious symbolism, they provide the foundation for a revisionist interpretation of the notions of beauty, pride, and nationalism. Continue reading

Sharing platform Harth aims to change the way we furnish our interiors

A sharing platform that allows members to rent works of art and furniture has soft launched in London.

Harth was founded by design writer, editor and curator Henrietta Thompson alongside her husband and business partner Edward Padmore.

It describes itself as the “first platform in the world that enables everyone to borrow beautiful furniture, interior design and art directly from the world’s best brands, designers and artists, galleries and dealers.”

The service aims to tap into the growing popularity of the sharing economy, following in the footsteps of pioneering brands such as Airbnb and Uber. Continue reading

Modern-day automobiles imaged as flying cars from the future

Since cars were invented we have been predicting the future of the automobile. Sometimes these conceptions are chrome and look like spaceships, sometimes they are aquatic, and very often we imagine the car of the future to fly. Although we have not reached that point quite yet (let’s figure out self-driving cars first) Sylvain Viau imagines what modern cars might look like if we had.

In her series titled ‘Flying Cars’ the designer takes photographs of modern-day automobiles and manipulates them in Photoshop so that they appear to be hovering. The brilliance is in the details where she has replaced the wheel-wells with clean paneling for a realistic look. Continue reading