Retiree Paints Russian Patterns On Satellite Dishes

Sailor by profession and artist by vocation, Yuri Kuznetsov lives and works in Voznesenye village of the Ivanovo region, Russia. When the man retired he decided to recall his long forgotten hobby – painting and began to paint on … TV satellite dishes… h/t: englishrussia Yuri is a self-taught artist. He liked to paint in his childhood, but in the present days he began to learn lessons on the web.


Beautiful 3D Rendered of Maserati Boomerang

Beautiful 3D Rendered of Maserati Boomerang Beautiful 3D Rendered of  Maserati Boomerang

abduzeedoOct 18, 2019

If there is one thing that gets me really inspired is retro sports car. I posted about this before, but who doesn’t remember those amazing Lamborghini Countach posters that were all over kids walls in the 80s? Well, perhaps no one, but that’s okay because Marcin Karkowski came to the rescue with an amazing project he shared on Behance. Titled MASERATI BOOMERANG, this project was his entry to the “Car Render Challenge 2018” on and that concept car for me is  the epitome of retro style for cars and seeing it perfect modeled/rendered by Marcin using Autodesk 3ds MaxCorona Renderer get Continue reading

Graphic Designers Remade Old Buildings Around The World By Using Trends Of The 21st Century

At the very beginning, people developed architecture according to their needs. Protection from the elements and other dangers was the main reason for building a shelter. Over time, other aspects became important too, like seeing from inside the house, being more comfortable, the house looking better. The city also became part of the home. Interior and exterior design became more and more important.


Mikhail Riches will “aim for zero carbon” in all projects after Stirling Prize win

Mikhail Riches zero carbon

Stirling Prize-winner Mikhail Riches will only work on zero-carbon projects from now on, the studio told Dezeen.

Co-founder Annalie Riches said the practice was committed to improving the environmental performance of its projects, after winning the UK’s top architecture prize for the low-energy Goldsmith Street development.

“As a practice, we don’t want to do anything that doesn’t aim for zero carbon now,” Riches told Dezeen.

Goldsmith Street achieves the rigorous Passivhaus standard for energy efficiency. Speaking at Mikhail Riches‘ north London studio, Riches said the studio now wanted to go further, and will aim to minimise the embodied carbon of all its upcoming projects. Continue reading