Studio Visits / Previews: Sainer (Etam Cru)

Several weeks ago we got to visit the studio of Sainer, one of two members of the infamous Etam Cru from Poland. We wanted to check out the groundbreaking new body of work for his upcoming Paris show opening on the 2nd of December at Openspace Gallery, as well as to hear what else the street art duo is up to these days.

Some two months after his partner Bezt had a solo show in NYC (covered), Sainer will be opening what is shaping up to be his most daring exhibition to date. The two artists responsible for some of the most recent striking murals worldwide, are currently putting their collaborative work to rest and developing their individual careers. With their private lives heading in different directions, the two high school friends are now living a few hours away from each other so they decided to focus on their own work instead of trying to pursue their previous practice. They still collaborate on murals and projects that fit their schedules, but are more focused on improving their own visual languages and techniques. Continue reading

Upcoming: Faile – “Stages” @ Galerie Springmann

After a successful show in Detroit (covered), Faile (featured) has turned their attention to their next project. Entitled Stages, the new exhibition opening on December 2nd at Galerie Springmann in Berlin will feature some more painterly and graffiti-laced works as well as some of the Brooklyn-based duo’s puzzle-based works. Judging from some of the photos of the Patricks working, there will be some large-scale pieces as well. Continue reading

Özge Tan’s Mysterious, Ceramic Sculptures

Özge Tan’s surreal ceramic sculptures and installations offer both mystery and absorbing detail. Not much has been written about the young, Turkish artist. Yet, her work carries an enormous presence and delicate detailing. Much of Tan’s recent work has the motif of obscured faces, often enveloped by floral growths or abstractions. More

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Author: Andy Smith

Alma Haser Swaps Pieces of Her Puzzle Portraits of Twins

Alma Haser is known for adding surreal, sculptural twists to her portraits. One of her new series sees the photographer creating puzzles out of images of identical twins, then swapping every other the piece of the separate portraits for absorbing results. Haser didn’t know where facial features would end up in this process, offering a surprise to both the artist and the viewer. Haser was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 31. More

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Author: Andy Smith

Miss Meatface Explores Womanhood in Performance, Photography

San Francisco-raised artist Kat Toronto blends performance art and photography under the working name of Miss Meatface, using both vintage Polaroid and contemporary methods. The artist says part of her work stems in having been diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2010 and subsequently having to receive a full hysterectomy. Toronto now uses her moniker “as an artistic and spiritual catalyst to delve into a complex set of questions about where she fits into society as a woman.” Continue reading