Mographic Aberration – Motion Design

Mographic Aberration – Motion Design Mographic Aberration - Motion Design


Mographic Aberration is a side project of Christiaan Endeman. It comes from ‘Chromatic Aberration’ but he just twisted it to suit a more Motion Design-y project.

For the past few years, I created ‘semi daily’ renders with little to no direction when it came to content. For 2019 I wish to stick to one different theme every month. This theme can be integrated in any form or variety. As you may have guessed, this month’s theme is: Chromatic Aberration. Continue reading

Oskari-G2® Versatile Typeface

Oskari-G2® Versatile Typeface Oskari-G2® Versatile Typeface


Hanson Method™ shared their latest creation, a versatile typeface consisting of 3 weights name Oskari-G2®. Each with an individual character (no pun intended). 

Inspired by the ubiquitous Helvetica and modern day tech company branding, Hanson Method™ decided to challenge themselves and add their own aesthetic to the ever growing list of typefaces now available. Give it a try, it’s a complete bargain compared to other fonts produced by big font foundries. This is personal, raw and authentic. Oh, and no commercial license needed either, just to top it off. Continue reading

After Discovering a 120-Year-Old Time Capsule, Photographer Develops Two Cyanotypes of Cats

Earlier this year, photographer Mathieu Stern discovered a time capsule dating back to the early 1900s in his family home. The 120-year-old box held a little girl’s cherished possessions, including a paper doll, seashell, and two glass plate negatives. Stern decided to develop the photographs using Cyanotype, one of the earliest printing processes that was prevalent well into the 20th century, and revealed images of the child’s pets. The photographer chronicled the entire endeavor in a video, which you can find on his YouTube and Instagram, and check out the finished prints of the furry companions below. (via PetaPixel) Continue reading