South African children captured in stunning backdrops by Johannesburg-born photographer

Apartheid in South Africa marked cultural awareness and forever changed the country’s history. But in 1994, when the tumultuous racial segregation ended, the children who were born after adapted a more refreshing outlook in life.

This was what Johannesburg-born Pieter Hugo captured in his recent project entitled “1994.” Living in Cape Town, he went to Rwanda thinking about 1994’s events and how it changed people’s way of life in South Africa. He took photographs of South African children in stunning, colorful backgrounds. The children all had different auras ranging from unsentimental to feral. The only thing they had in common was the somewhat unburdened knowledge that they will never experience the same fat their ancestors have. Continue reading

Neri&Hu surrounds Junshan Cultural Center with angled aluminium louvres

Junshan Cultural Center by Neri&Hu

Angled aluminium louvres cover the reclaimed brick walls of the Junshan Cultural Center near Beijing, China, designed by Neri&Hu.

Nestled amongst the mountains around Miyun Resevoir, the Junshan Cultural Center transforms an existing two-storey sales building that previously only contained conventional office spaces.

Junshan Cultural Center by Neri&Hu

The overhaul was commissioned by a Chinese developer to improve the facilities and go beyond the limited offerings of a traditional sales centre by incorporating a mix of arts and cultural amenities for local people to enjoy. Continue reading