Magdalena Keck designs art-filled home at Manhattan’s Four Seasons Residences

New York interior designer Magdalena Keck has used brand-name furnishings and a monochrome palette to create a minimal apartment in Lower Manhattan.

The two-bedroom home is located on the 63rd floor of the Four Seasons Private Residences, close to City Hall.

Four Seasons Residence NYC Downtown by

Keck‘s pared-back interiors for the 1,500-square-foot (139-square-metre) space emphasise its large windows, high ceilings, archways, and solid oak wood flooring laid in a herringbone pattern.

White walls, monochrome furnishings and an abundance of natural light merge to create a minimal, gallery-like space. Furnishings were chosen to complement this pale backdrop, and include a combination of contemporary, vintage, high-end and custom-made designs. Continue reading

Loïc Bard designs “sensual” burnt-wood Bone furniture and utensils

French designer Loïc Bard has crafted a set of wooden furniture and matching tableware, all with rounded edges “inspired by the sense of touch and the human body”.

Bard, a woodworker and designer now based in Montreal, created the Bone collection of benches, stools, chairs, tables and utensils from Canadian maple.

Bone and utensils by Loic Bard

The pieces are hand-sculpted with chunky, rounded elements. Some are blackened with a blowtorch, while others are bleached, with milky veins resembling human skin. Continue reading

Stunning Studio Portraits Of Nuns Taken By Thérèse Le Prat From Between The 1950s And Early 1960s

Though brought up in a family mostly interested in scientific studies, French photographer Thérèse Le Prat, born Thérèse Cahen in 1895 in Pantin, was taught literature and music. When she divorced the publisher Guillaume Le Prat in the early 1930s, he offered her a really good camera, and she started photography. Thanks to her dawning talent and to her knowledge of several languages…