Green plywood cabinets outfit Maharishi store in New York City

Maharishi by ABA

Plywood is used to make cabinets, nooks and dividers inside this olive green retail store in Lower Manhattan that Brooklyn studio ABA has designed for London streetwear brand Maharishi.

Maharishi by ABA

Designed by architects Emily Abruzzo and Gerald Bodziak of Abruzzo Bodziak Architects​ (ABA), the store in New York’s Tribeca neighbourhood is Maharishi‘s first location outside London.

The US outpost measures 1,280 square feet (119 square metres) and has a rectangular plan with large windows facing the street. Continue reading

Phil Rigg the Corrugated Iron Artist of Lascelles in the Mallee

Phil Rigg the Corrugated Iron Artist of Lascelles in the Mallee

Deep in the Mallee, next to a giant painted grain silo in the small town of Lascelles is a gallery with a difference. Art made out of corrugated iron is everywhere. Shaped into pretty much anything you could think of. This is also the workshop of Phil Rigg, Australia’s foremost corrugated iron artist.

We are half way through our tour of the exceptional Silo Art Trail. Staying the night before at a hotel in nearby Woomalang, the gallery is to be our first stop. Outside sculptures abound. You can walk around there freely but to see the real thing and the workshop you would need to pay five dollars and step inside. Though that also gives you a self made cup of tea. Continue reading

Branding for Edison Botânica & Bar

Branding for Edison Botânica & Bar Branding for Edison Botânica & Bar

abduzeedoDec 07, 2019

Diego Carneiro shared this branding project more than one year ago and to my surprise we somehow missed it. But it’s never too late to feature inspiring projects like this one. Edison Botânica & Bar is a concept bar inspired by Thomas Edison, created by the 134office crew, to deliver a fantastic experience inside of the São Paulo’s madness. We mixed the awesome Edison lamps and the cozy ambient of botanical gardens.


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Porky Hefer’s Molecules are hanging seats modelled on chemical compounds

South African designer Porky Hefer has extended his collection of hanging chairs at this year’s Design Miami with a series of leathery seats that each represent a different molecular compound.

Porky Hefer Southern Guild at Design Miami
Each Molecules chair are modelled on a different molecular compound, with the stitched leather colours representing a different atom

The Molecules collection comprises three hanging seats modelled on a different chemical compound: Dihydrogen Monoxide, Fluoroheliate Monoxide and Hydrogen Difluoride.

Each comprises three rounded forms that are covered in a colour level to represent the different atoms, with white used for hydrogen, red used for oxygen, and green for chlorine. Hefer crafted the forms from a steel frame and then worked with Cape Town leather company Wolf & Maiden. Continue reading

Figures From Classical Paintings Experience Contemporary Life in Collages by Alexey Kondakov

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov (previously) lifts figures out of classical paintings and drops them into modern-day photographs. Elegantly posed in dynamic lighting, his figures commute on public transit, dance in nightclubs, and peek around corners in otherwise mundane digital collages. The juxtaposition of the two worlds is humorous and at times seamless in its execution.

Through placement and shadows, Kondakov’s images sell the idea that the classical figures are three-dimensional objects photographed in a three-dimensional world. An image from an upcoming nightlife series depicts a mostly nude woman in a unique pose that, in context, can be read as dancing. Other images from his ongoing “Daily Life of Gods” use architecture and landscapes to ground the painted figures in an alternate reality. Continue reading