Japanese Artist Takes Away The Innocence From Disney Characters And Puts Them Into Wrong Scenarios

Walt Disney Studios is an integral part of most people’s childhoods, creating memorable characters that have stuck with us for many generations. Disney’s style is heartwarming stories and heroic characters. However, Japanese graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka decided to challenge the way we see our favorite cartoon characters, by digitally incorporating them into places and scenarios…


Wheeler Kearns designs low-lying Ravine House for nature lovers in Illinois

Ravine House by Wheeler Kearns

American studio Wheeler Kearns Architects has completed a single-storey residence on a wooded site outside of Chicago, featuring black facades and large windows that engage the landscape.

Ravine House by Wheeler Kearns

The Ravine House is located in the suburban town of Highland Park, situated about 25 miles (40 kilometres) north of downtown Chicago. The dwelling sits quietly within a forested property, where an older home burned down years ago. A ravine runs through the site.

Designed by Chicago firm Wheeler Kearns Architects, the house was conceived for two empty-nesters who desired a dwelling that embraced the surrounding environment. Continue reading

Brand Identity & Web Design for Iceberg Hotels

Brand Identity & Web Design for Iceberg Hotels Brand Identity & Web Design for Iceberg Hotels

AoiroStudioOct 22, 2019

We would like to share the work of Andreas Leah who is an interaction designer based in New York, USA. He shared on his Behance for Iceberg Hotels in Iceland. He worked on the brand identity, graphic design and web design which is pretty fantastic and one hell of a project to take on. Plus the client is located in the stunning and beautiful country of Iceland. Having been in Iceland before, I can admit the colors truly represent Iceland and the UI takes a minimal approach to their Scandinavian lifestyle. Props to Andreas for his work, check it out! Continue reading

This Photographer Made Funny Noises At Animals And Captured Their Funny Expressions

Belinda Richards is a founder of Frog Dog Studios, photographer and master piddle cleaner. 18 years experience working with animals including working as a groomer, animal welfare and emergency services. According to Belinda: “I spend my days speaking fluent dog. Well, sort of. I make funny noises and feed them peanut butter, and they give me weird looks that are so human it’.


The Color Experimentations of Aches

Using sub-pixel techniques and additive color theory, Aches creates murals and portraits that reflect today’s digital world with analogue spraypaint and acrylics. The Irish artist, whose work has been seen in Spain, Denmark, England, Switzerland, the U.S., and beyond, applies this experimentation to large figurative works, gallery portraits, and traditional graffiti text.


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Author: Andy Smith