Suspension bridge in Switzerland constructed high enough to avoid disastrous avalanches

A half-kilometer long metal suspension bridge can now be enjoyed by adventurous trekkers of the Swiss Alps. The Charles Kuonen Hängebrücke, also called the Europe Bridge, is exactly 494 meters long and hangs 84 meters above the ground, and has a 64-centimeter wide metal deck.

The bridge is reported to be the main highlight of a Switzerland project to re-link Zermatt and Grächen, two popular ski resorts that were blocked from each other by a rock avalanche back in 2010. The hiking trail called Europaweg was the one connecting them from each other. But the catastrophic event completely destroyed the existing bridge which incidentally also opened two months before it happened.

It was important that the new bridge should be much taller than the initial one to avoid any kind of avalanche in the future. Swissrope, the design and construct firm responsible for constructing the bridge, made sure to create a walkway that is both structurally sound and environmentally complementing.


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Author: Mariza Monta