More artwork for canceled Star Wars ‘Darth Maul’ game emerges, courtesy of artist

Way back in 2014, rumors were flying in the online world that a new Star Wars game was in the works. It was said to be developed by Red Fly Studio (which is now known as Gaming Corp Austin). There was even some footage of the game’s early prototype gameplay, as well as concept art and designs. The vision for the game was to have a much darker and gorier third-person game compared to its predecessor, the Force Unleashed game series. However, the game was canceled and never got to hit the consoles because of financial and legal issues.

Recently, however, new never-before-seen artwork for the game has emerged online, which gives a glimpse of what the canceled game might have looked like. The art comes from the lead artist himself, Thomas Szakolczay. See some of the artwork below.

You can see more of the unearthed art on Art Station, where the artist also has an account. To see more of Thomas Szakolczay, check out his Instagram, DeviantArt, Behance, or Facebook. Or you can go visit his official website.


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Author: Sharee Ann Narciso-Tolentino