Collider Kids: PBS KIDS’ ‘Peg + Cat’ Solve a Peanut Problem in Our Exclusive Clip

In this special installment of Collider Kids, our weekly family-friendly article that puts the spotlight on content for our younger viewers, we’re happy to share an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of the multiple Emmy-winning kids’ series Peg + Cat. The Fred Rogers Company’s animated hit has previously featured guest appearances from prima ballerina Misty Copeland, Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) and Mariachi Flor de Toloache, along with animated versions of icons from Billie Holiday to Beethoven, Emily Dickinson to Einstein, Marie Curie, and more. And on a special episode arriving early in 2018, another very …

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Best Of Flickr 2017 – The 25 Most Beautiful Photos From Flickr In 2017

goodbye… by iwona_podlasinska

These are the Top-25 Flickr photos from around the world in 2017. These were determined by starting with an engagement algorithm and then curation from Flickr staff.

More info; Flickr

The Elephant Walks at Night by Wayne Pinkston

Light of Glory by icemanphotos

Slipping Away by Jerry Fryer

Finally by nils stefan püschel

Mi Fuego by albert dros

Eekhoorn / Red squirrel by Gladys Klip Continue reading

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Is Rah Digga Correct With Her Comments On Southern Hip-Hop Lyricism?

Rah Digga Spits Flame Over An MF DOOM Classic For "Stories From The Ambassador"

Source: Twitter

“Shouldn’t the artist that paved the way have a say in how the culture gets pushed forward?” Rah Digga asks.

Jeezy, one of the South’s most poignant wordsmiths, was on Complex’s Everyday Struggle to discuss not only his new album, Pressure, but the widespread criticism of these new school rappers. “It’s crazy because you’re critiquing some shit, where these kids are out here trying to figure their lives out,” Jeezy said. “These are the same mf’ers that’d be out here robbing your ass if they didn’t have a new album—the same people that’d be tearing up the communities if they didn’t have their music out.” Continue reading

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Did Apple Music Kill the Mixtape Star?

Six Months After The Launch Of The Subscription Streaming Service, Apple Music Marks Its First Major Milestone With A Customer Base Of Over 10 Million Paid Subscribers.

Source: Apple

Dimas Sanfiorenzo asks the question on whether or not streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify have killed the mixtape superstar.

In 2016, a small UK music blog called Grime and Lime uploaded a rare mixtape from hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash. The mixtape, which was made in 1982, was only meant to be heard by one person: someone named Money Mike. It’s information you learn seconds into the tape. Over The O’Jays’ “For the Love of Money” bassline, Grandmaster Flash says: “Mike…I gotta tell you, man. No copies. No duplicates. No lend outs for any reason, any form, or any fashion.” Throughout the duration, Flash sends out reminders: if you’re listening and you’re not Money Mike “you ain’t right.” Continue reading

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Muretz’s round-headed cartoon characters take over streets of Brazil

Muretz was expelled from school at the age of 15 for drawing too much. So that’s what he decided to make a career out of.

The Brazilian street artist is renowned for his quirky cartoon characters marked by their rounded features. They fill almost all of the space they’re given, walking the line between cynical and humorous, depicting characters that are trying to come to terms with their inner selves. Continue reading

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