A Bubble-Blowing Expert Shares Some Of Her Secrets

This is a WIRED video about bubble-blowing sorceress Melody Yang and her family’s Gazillion Bubble Show in New York City. Unlike me, she is very good at what she does. Her demonstrations of the square bubble (3:00 in the video), spinning carousel bubble (4:00) and planet bubble (in the gif above and at 5:00 in the video) were most impressive. And here I thought my yo-yo show was spectacular. “You almost strangled yourself onstage.” Pfft, that was all part of the act. “You called 911.” I thought I was a goner. Continue reading

I’m Flying, Jack!: Personal Jet Suit Agility Test Video

This is a video released by Gravity Industries (previously) of their latest jet suit design (with one turbine engine on the back, two attached to each arm) being put through its paces in an agility test over a lake by chasing a man on a jetski. At first I thought he was a kite. It looks pretty agile. It also looks pretty fun, let me take it for a spin. “I’m sorry, but it takes a lot of training to be able to fly the jet suit.” Please *pointing* I have all the training I need right here. “Three beers and a quarter bottle of tequila?” I’ll be ready in twenty. Continue reading

Video Of Plumber Getting Blasted In The Face With Raw Sewage During Pipe Repair

This is a video of a plumber in Sweden replacing a sewage relay when he gets blasted in the face with a liquified nightmare. Man, there aren’t enough hot showers in the world for me to ever feel okay after that. Thankfully, there are volcanos.

Keep going for the video while I dry heave here at my desk for a bit.

Thanks to ClosetNerd, who agrees there are some things you just don’t want to survive. Continue reading

Video Of Cosplayer Dressed As A Predator Riding A Xenomorph Alien Motorcycle


This is a short video from Chumphon, Thailand of a cosplayer dressed as a Predator and riding his custom Xenomorph motorcycle. It’s a pleasant reminder that, even if it’s not and never will be me, at least there’s somebody out there living life to the fullest. “Maybe you should get off your ass.” Maybe you shouldn’t talk about my ass, my girlfriend might take offense. “It’s not the best I’ve seen.” Honey! Continue reading

Busted!: Dog Gets Caught Frolicking In Inflatable Pool


This is a video of a dog who was caught playing in a backyard inflatable pool, presumably after not waiting a full hour after eating a hotdog to go swimming. He’s having the time of his life until he realizes somebody is watching, at which point the fun ends and he gets out to settle things with a staring contest and a couple barks. This reminds me exactly of how I feel whenever my roommate comes into the bathroom to pee while I’m in the tub. I mean, the sign on the door clearly says ‘DO NOT DISTURB’. He KNOWS I’m probably playing The Hunt For Red October, and yet he barges in anyways. “You’ve been in there for over two hours.” IT’S A LONG MOVIE, DEREK. Continue reading

I Would Die: Freediver Holding On To Anchor Descends To 145 Meters (~476 Feet)


This is a video of William ‘Corpseface’ Winram setting the world record in the variable weight discipline of freediving back in 2014 by descending to a depth of 145 meters (475.7 feet) with a single breath. For reference, I can’t even hold my breath long enough for a dog fart to dissipate, and have come close to throwing up on several occasions. “Buy the liver treats,” the guy at the pet store said, “She’ll love them,” he said. Continue reading