Go West: Ralph Lauren Introduces Limited-Edition American Western Watch Collection

Ralph Lauren’s clothing and accessories designs have long been known for their aesthetic evocations of the American West, and with the new Ralph Lauren American Western Watch Collection, a range of limited editions launched to coincide with the fashion giant’s 50th anniversary, the designer brings that same sensibility to the timepiece brand he launched in partnership with the Richemont Group back in 2009. Here’s a closer look. Continue reading

From the Big Screen to the Big Apple: “Venom’s” Bremont U2/51-Jet Lands at WatchTime New York 2018

In the Marvel/Columbia Pictures action thriller Venom, opening October 5, British actor Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock, a disgraced journalist who merges with an alien symbiote to become the black-clad, super-powered antihero of the film’s title. Like his nightmarish alter ego, the watch that Hardy’s Brock wears in the film is defined by its dark exterior and gritty toughness: the Bremont U-2/51 Jet, launched this year in London and making its U.S. debut at WatchTime New York, America’s Luxury Watch Show, on October 26-27. Continue reading