Celebration Of Mexico’s World Cup Goal Against Germany Caused Detectable Seismic Activity In Mexico City


Two sensitive pieces of seismic equipment located in Mexico City were able to detect an “artificial earthquake” caused by fans going nuts and jumping around following Hirving Lozano’s goal for Mexico in the 34th minute of their World Cup match against Germany. I remember getting drunk and watching that game! “Nobody cares, GW.” My neighbors did.

The event wasn’t big enough to be measured in magnitudes and wouldn’t have been perceptible to the general population, according to the Institute for Geological and Atmospherical Investigations, which is not a government agency. Continue reading

So, We’ve Come To This: Chinese City Has Designated ‘Zombie Sidewalk’ For Slow-Walking Texters


Because why on earth should a person need to be aware of their surroundings, the Chinese city of Xi’an in Shaanxi provence has a designated sidewalk for slow-walking texters, aka phubbers (previously: a similar lane in another city). Some more info while I run to lunch and yell, “Look out, shark!” at anyone staring at their phone.

The lane is painted red, green and blue, and is 80cm wide and 100m long. Pictures of smartphones along the route distinguish it from an ordinary pedestrian lane. Continue reading

High Security: A Fingerprint Padlock That Can Be Easily Be Disassembled With A Screwdriver


This is a shot of the fingerprint padlock that lockpicking hobbyist LockPickingLawyer was sent by the manufacturer for review. After spending almost no time with the lock, LockPickingLawyer discovered the entire lock can be disassembled by removing three torx screws around the bezel, the shackle opened, and even relocked without the owner’s knowledge. That’s some high security. After making the manufacturer aware of this critical design flaw, they responded with, and I kid you not: Continue reading

Poster Of Iconic 1980’s Movie Characters


Note: Larger version HERE. Prints available HERE.

This is Eighty2, a poster created by Illustrator Scott Park featuring some of the most iconic movie characters from 1980’s movies (previously: his poster of famous pop culture cars and a video of every Star Wars vehicle drawn to scale). Can you identify them all? Not only was I easily able to identify them all, I also did it in world record time. “Not everything is a competition, you know.” Except this was and I won. I’m also a Jeopardy wizard and once beat Ken Jeggings. “It’s Jennings.” That’s what I meant — you better count that, Alex. Continue reading

Incredibly Tall 12-Year-Old Basketball Player Can Dunk Without Even Jumping

At just 12-years-old, Olivier Rioux already stands at 6-foot-11 (2.11 meters) which makes him one heck of an asset for his basketball team. Not only can he shoot the ball without any of his opponents even coming close to a block, but he can literally slam dunk on the 8-foot-tall basket without his feet leaving the ground.

As you can imagine, Olivier Rioux is pretty dominant on the basketball courts, thanks in part to his skill, but mostly to the fact that all of the other players’ heads only come up to his bellybutton. That’s a pretty good advantage to have, in any situation. He can shoot whenever he wants, he’s literally always open for passes and as long as he’s close enough to his opponents, he can block any of their passes or shots. To say this Canadian 12-year-old is head and shoulders above his competition would be a pretty fair assessment. Continue reading

Fast Food Employee Chases Down Drive-Thru Patron With Part Of Their Order They Forgot


This is a short video of a Chick-fil-A employee chasing down a driver in an SUV that apparently didn’t stick around long enough to pick up the second half of their order. If I’ve learned anything from Taco Bell consistently breaking my heart, it’s ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BAGS. Count to make sure all your items are in there, because there’s nothing worse than getting home to realize you’re short a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. That was supposed to be my entree! “And the other seven tacos and burritos?” Appetizers. “And the Mexican Pizza and Crunchwrap Supreme?” MIDNIGHT SNACKAGE. Continue reading