Industrial noise-rock band Uniform are reborn with The Long Walk, their latest for Sacred Bones

New York’s Uniform are among Dumpsters and band vehicles in a darkened alley, the loading area of Chicago’s iconic music venue the Metro.

They’ve just opened a night of their package tour with Drab Majesty and Deafheaven. Across the street at Wrigley Field, Foo Fighters are performing for over 40,000 people; the sound of their anthemic choruses and Dave Grohl’s impassioned vocals waft over the baseball stadium walls, adding occasional distraction – and a hint of absurdity – to the evening. Foo Fighters are one of the most commercially successful bands of this century whose roots are in hardcore and punk culture. It’s the same breeding ground where Uniform come from but, without knocking the Foos, the contrasts between the two groups seem like night and day right about now. Though the fans at Wrigely are likely having the best night of their summer, it feels like that they’ve missed out on something truly special across the street. Continue reading

James Gardin – Victorious (Prod. by Soulseize/Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

Lansing, Michigan based emcee James Gardin teams up once again with Switzerland based producers Soulseize on their new track VICTORIOUS, via Illect Recording

Illect recording artist James Gardin collabs with Soulseize once again. This time they’re bringing an anthem to count your blessings too, ‘Victorious’.

James says, “Sometimes we have to sit back and think about what we’ve accomplished and celebrated it for a second… or a couple minutes”.

James Gardin – Victorious via iTunes/Spotify Continue reading

Jackmaster details “abusive” and “inappropriate” behavior at Love Saves The Day festival

The DJ admits to “attempting to kiss and grab people against their will”.

Jackmaster has detailed “abusive” and “inappropriate” behavior at Love Saves The Day festival in May, admitting to Resident Advisor that he attempted “to kiss and grab people against their will” while under the influence of GHB.

Having issued an apology on Monday, Jackmaster’s Facebook post was “hijacked by untruths and lad humour”, says a member of staff, asserting that: “It is so important for Jack to clarify what happened.” Continue reading

Knives artist bod [包家巷]’s Museum of Virtual Art is signaling a change for fine art IRL and URL

Nicholas Zhu, aka bod [包家巷], thinks they spend too much time on the internet.

“I’m concerned about how much time I spend staring at a luminescent screen and how it’s fucked up my relationship to the sun and moon,” the Arizona-born producer says from an arts residency in Croatia. Such a sensory, physical reaction is part and parcel of an online-heavy existence, but Zhu has found profound positives, too. “I think the internet’s made me a lot less lonely in the world,” Zhu says. They’ve used it to tap into a series of networks with like-minded people, often turning into fruitful IRL relationships. Continue reading