Is Your Credit Toast?

Millions of Americans today are suffering from poor credit scores for a lot of reasons. This includes the slugging growth of the economy, lack of real wage increase, the lingering result of recession and a lot more. Those who have very low credit are being affected by this concern in a number of …

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Author: Magnetic

NBC Issues New Sexual Misconduct Policies Following Matt Lauer Firing

(Photo credit: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire/Getty Images)

The network will be tightening its approach to handling office misconduct and relations.

After former Today Show host Matt Lauer was fired from his position in November following a slew of sexual misconduct allegations made against him, NBC has reportedly issued new company rules on misconduct and office relations.

READ: Matt Lauer Fired From NBC After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

According to a report in Page Six, all NBC employees are now required to report any “inappropriate relationships” they witness. Employees who see something but do not say something could be fired. Continue reading