Who The Hell Is Raiser?

Ram welcome a new name this week in the form of Raiser.

An alias of well-known act who wishes to operate anonymously, few people know his identity but many more will be familiar with his brazen compositions; his entry track The Weapon has been a significant set-opening scud for select heavyweights, including Ram boss Andy C, for over a year.

It’s not hard to hear why… Opening with an evocative rush-riddled arpeggio before dropping into savage sirens and a high voltage bass riff, The Weapon is a turbo-charged riot that leaves you under no illusions that Raiser has no other intention but to fire up the dance. According to the mystery man himself he plans on doing it with a fresh, no-boundaries approach that will reveal more genre, tempo and collaborative hybrids imminently. Continue reading

Watch: Chase & Status RTRN II JUNGLE Documentary

Image source: Facebook

It’s official: Chase & Status’s fifth album RTRN II Jungle will be released January 2019. The first single from it will land later this month on August 29.

The duo, who are celebrating 15 years of releases this year, have been slowly building up to the release since spring this year. First with Saul Milton’s second Super Sharp Reloaded fashion installation in London College Of Fashion, then their series of RTRN II Jungle live streams from their own flyer plastered bunker and an intimate London rave in Foundation. Now this insightful 12 minute documentary of their time in Jamaica earlier this year, where the roots of their most anticipated album since More Than Alot were created. Continue reading