Creative And Immersive Experience By Night With SEAT

Flora Métayer

The SEAT SUV family grows with the launch of the ARONA model, the latest addition to the collection. Spacious and elegant, the small urban SUV was the subject of an exceptional event marked by audacity and creativity.

Journalists, influencers and fans of the brand were invited to test the ARONA model through an original experience: the first immersive test drive by night. From the SEAT Show Room in the 17th district, passengers in the Arona crossed Paris to go to Saint-Ouen. There, a huge abandoned car park was waiting for them. Continue reading

This Guy Continues To Paint Pop-Culture Characters Into Old Thrift-Store Paintings

Dave Pollot (previously) is a US painter who brings new life to old and forgotten art. He buys thrift store paintings and perfectly “enhances” them with pop culture symbols, giving a cool, nerdy spin to what’s dusting away inside cracked frames.

“Most are prints or lithographs,” he told Bored Panda. “Any scratches or marks are carefully touched up and then my own visions are added.” Continue reading

Artist Yung Jake Turns 20,000 Emojis Into Amazing Lifelike Celeb Portraits

Yung Jake from Los Angeles, California, USA, spends between 30 minutes and a whole week turning emojis in facial details – morphing headphones into hairstyles and eggplants into expressions.

The artist, real name Jake Patterson, has been creating the unusual pieces for two years making everyone from Willow Smith, Kanye and Kim Kardashian West to Seinfeld and The Powerpuff Girls. To create the portraits, he uses an image of the celebrity and then compiles emojis based on colour and subject matter to created detailed imitations of their face and hair. Continue reading

“Fuck The System!”: Brainfuck Or Completely Senseless NSFW Shit By Thomas Pohl

Thomas Pohl aka SuckerTom is a “creator of visual pictures or animations with twists, reflective content, brainfuck or completely senseless shit.” Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Tom is a freelancer in graphic-design, product-design and photography.

Tom’s images captures the true essence of contemporary, abstract art and makes for a good wall art. I’m completely utterly satisfied with these pictures, you just wanna keep scrolling for more and sadly found they have an end. The colors he uses simply complements each other for a more powerful effect. It’s an enjoyably fresh and ambitious perspective on modern times, set out to give a broader view in art. Continue reading