Chinese Millionaire Spends His Free Time Picking Up Trash From the Streets of His City

Zhong Congrong, a successful businessman from Chongqing, China, has become known as the “the millionaire trash collector,” for his longtime habit of scouring the streets of his city armed with a trash-picking claw and picking up any garbage he finds.

The 52-year-old entrepreneur began cleaning up the streets of Chingqing three years ago, after a family trip to southern China’s Hainan province, for the Chinese New Year. There, he met a retired university professor who had reportedly been picking up trash from one of the local beaches every day, for the last four years. He was so impressed with the woman’s dedication and commitment to trash collecting that he decided to replicate her daily habit in his home city, as soon as he got back from his vacation. Continue reading

Doctors Remove Contact Lens Woman Lost 28 Years Ago, from Behind Her Eyelid

A 42-year old woman who thought her contact lens had fallen off when she was hit in the eye with a shuttlecock 28 years ago recently discovered that it had actually been lodged in her eyelid all this time.

Those of us who no longer have perfect vision understand just how amazing and convenient contact lenses can be, especially when it comes to an active lifestyle. But in some cases, instead of making our lives easier, they can cause annoyances. In very rare cases, those annoyances go beyond dry eyes or eye infections—they can actually become embedded in your eyelid, all without you knowing it. Continue reading

Good Boy!: A Dog That Pretends To Be A Motorcycle


This is a video of motocross rider Greg Vannorden’s family husky Brodie demonstrating his ability to transform into a motorcycle when Greg straddles him and pretends to start his engine. That’s definitely worth a treat. A soft one too, something meaty and easy on the gums. In Greg’s own words:

Brodie the husky used to follow me around on my motocross bike so I figured he picked this up from that so I tried to start him up one day and ever since then he does this impression. Continue reading

A Tattoo Artist Who Meticulously Inks ASCII Art Portraits


Note: Worthwhile larger version of the image above HERE.

This is a video highlighting the work of tattoo artist Andres Vrontis, who specializes in generating ASCII art portraits (art made entirely out of traditional computer characters), and painstakingly copying the images to people’s bodies (with the help of tattoo transfer paper). Pretty neat, right? Would you get one? I’d get one. Ask me where I’d get it. “Where would you get it, GW?” At the tattoo parlor! “Good one.” Seriously though these prison tats just don’t last. *pulling down pants in back* Can you even tell what this is supposed to be anymore? “It looks like a bushel of dingleberries.” Haha — a straight shooter, I like it. “You don’t actually have a tattoo, do you?” No I do not, just a custodian on this floor who doesn’t like to do his job. Continue reading

Snorkeler Captures Stunning Footage Of A Humpback Whale Curiously Swimming Around Him


This is a video captured by snorkeler Adam Stern off the coast of Nuku’alofa, Tonga of a curious female humpback whale that swam around his diving group for a half hour (don’t worry, video is a minute and 22 seconds), performing all sorts of barrel rolls and other beautiful acrobatics. You know, sometimes it’s easy to forget just how many amazing creatures Mother Nature has invented because you never leave your apartment because you’re terrified of bringing home some of her less desirable creations like butt spiders. “You mean bed bugs?” I wish I did. “Just how long have you been holed up in that apartment, GW?” It’s been a while. “When was the last time you saw a bird?” Are you messing with me? I assumed they all went extinct years ago. Continue reading

Just An Idiot Performing A Superman On His Motorbike Down A San Antonio Highway

This is a video from San Antonio, Texas where a motorist spotted some idiot Superman-ing down the highway on his motorbike. Is that him humping the bike or is he about to lose control and wipe out? I like how cars are honking at him (but Jesus, keep your distance). What could possibly motivate a person to do this? And, even more importantly, what could possibly motivate a person to not do this anymore? “A spike strip.” I like the way you think. Continue reading