Lisette Lee: The ‘Korea Paris Hilton’ Who Was A Major Drug Trafficker

Most big-time drug dealers are not arrested wearing false eyelashes. Rather than being caught in a bloody faceoff with federal agents surrounded by her loyal gang members, Lisette Lee was arrested at an airport surrounded by a well-dressed and decidedly non-violent entourage, which included two personal assistants. Lisette Lee’s Lies…

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That’s Cool, We Need That: Spiders That Can Fly With Silk Parachutes

This is a gif of a crab spider taking to the skies thanks to a parachute it created out of some 50 – 60 ten-foot long strands of ultra-fine silk — some strands so fine they’re actually thinner than the wavelength of visible light (400 – 700 nanometers). Up, up, and awaaaaay! Thankfully, the crab spiders that utilize this flying technique are tiny (~5 millimeters long), so you don’t have to worry about any palm-sized spiders landing on your face. Those will crawl up your leg to get there. Also, in my nightmares spiders fly totally different. Continue reading

70 People From 70 Different Countries Demonstrate How They Count Money

This is the latest video from Condé Nast Traveler starring 70 people from 70 different countries demonstrating how they count paper money in their country (previously: saying hello and goodbye, making dog and cat sounds, and sneezing/saying ‘bless you’ or the equivalent). Or at least how they count money personally. Most were pretty standard, but there were several that were unique. Me? I’ve developed a far easier way of counting money: never having any. Paper money?! What do I look like, some sort of prince? I wish.
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