That’s Cool, We Need That: Spiders That Can Fly With Silk Parachutes

This is a gif of a crab spider taking to the skies thanks to a parachute it created out of some 50 – 60 ten-foot long strands of ultra-fine silk — some strands so fine they’re actually thinner than the wavelength of visible light (400 – 700 nanometers). Up, up, and awaaaaay! Thankfully, the crab spiders that utilize this flying technique are tiny (~5 millimeters long), so you don’t have to worry about any palm-sized spiders landing on your face. Those will crawl up your leg to get there. Also, in my nightmares spiders fly totally different. Continue reading

70 People From 70 Different Countries Demonstrate How They Count Money

This is the latest video from Condé Nast Traveler starring 70 people from 70 different countries demonstrating how they count paper money in their country (previously: saying hello and goodbye, making dog and cat sounds, and sneezing/saying ‘bless you’ or the equivalent). Or at least how they count money personally. Most were pretty standard, but there were several that were unique. Me? I’ve developed a far easier way of counting money: never having any. Paper money?! What do I look like, some sort of prince? I wish.
Give me a penny for my thoughts? “Sure.” *closes eyes, thinks hard* I should have asked for a nickel. Continue reading

But The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung Yet: Poker Player Starts Celebrating $1,000,000 Win Too Early


This is a video of World Series Of Poker player Sang Liu beginning to celebrate a $1,000,000 prize win over Roberly Felicio before the turn and river cards are even revealed on a near game-ending hand. Granted the odds were heavily in his favor, but of all people a poker player should know it’s not over till it’s over. And it wasn’t over for Felicio, who managed to score the eight he needed to drop Liu’s chip count to a twentieth of his own, and eventually go on to win the $1,000,000 purse. Me? I learned from a young age that you never celebrate until they’re actually putting the gold medal around your neck. Or, in my case, pinning the purple ribbon to my chest. Continue reading

Clever Girl: Video Of A Dog Going For A Run On A Covered Outdoor Treadmill On A Rainy Day


Because who likes getting wet (I do), this is a short video of a golden retriever in Kent, Ohio taking itself for a run on a treadmill that’s sitting on the covered porch of its owner during a rainstorm. How about that! You think it’s chasing that pile of sticks? Here I am looking for any excuse not to exercise, and this dog is running on a covered treadmill during a rainstorm. I honestly never thought a dog would make me feel so bad about my exercise regimen, and yet here we are — a new low. Call my trainer and tell him my legs are broken. Continue reading

Don’t Do Drugs: Man Wakes Driver Asleep At The Wheel, Slow-Speed Chaos Ensues

“Oh shit, I shouldn’t have woke him up!” — truer words have never been spoken

This is a video of a man stopping to wake a motorist who’s asleep at the wheel (possibly on drugs, possibly suffering from a medical condition like he did too many drugs), who proceeds to wake up, crash through a road closed sign, then cross the street (amazingly managing to not get hit in the process) and into a fence before taking out a light pole and coming to a stop. Drugs: just like my magic, they’re dangerous and should not be messed with, especially while behind the wheel (one time in the mall parking lot I accidentally turned my gear shift into a cobra and crashed into the Macy’s shoe department). Continue reading