5 Notable Tourbillon Watches Spotted at WatchTime New York 2017

Yesterday, we showcased some watches from our recent WatchTime New York event that we found suitable for everyday wear based on their accessible prices, classically clean designs, and simplicity of functions. So what about the other end of the spectrum — ultra-high-end timepieces for deep-pocketed collectors, characterized by that badge of horological expertise, the tourbillon? Here we take a look at five that were on display at the show. Continue reading

This Hipster Bar Only Lets in Genuine Hipsters

You probably didn’t even know there was such a thing as a hipster-only bar, did you? Well, there is (sort of) and if you plan on getting in, you better grow a beard, put on some glasses and wear those checkered shirts hipsters love so much.

The Hipster Bar isn’t technically a bar, but an art project thought up by English artist Max Dovey, who created a software that relies on artificial intelligence and face recognition technology to tell hipsters apart from regular folks. He has been touring the UK for the last two years, turning regular watering holes into pop-up hipster bars by having patrons pass his hipster test in order to gain entry. According to 28-year-old Dovey, his machine will only grant you entry if you register as over 90% hipster. Continue reading