Young Man Applies to Women’s College to Improve Chances of Finding a Girlfriend

An 18-year-old male teen in China recently became a social media sensation after applying to the Women’s University in Beijing and admitting that one of the main reasons for that was to improve his chances of finding a girlfriend.

Due to a preference for boys during the time that the one-child population planning policy was enforced in China (1979 – 2015), the Asian country now has the world’s second most distorted sex ratio. In some of its provinces, there are as many as 130 boys for every 100 girls, and some specialists estimate that tens of millions of Chinese men will be unable to find a wife in the coming decades. Unable to deal with those odds, an 18-year-old teen decided to improve his chances of finding a female romantic partner by applying to a women’s college. Continue reading

Colorado Family Accidentally Buys and Eats Cereal That Had Expired in 1997

You may want to check the expiration date the next time you’re out shopping for groceries. One Colorado family failed to do just that and ended up eating cereal from 1997.

On Monday, March 5th, the Carlese family, from Littleton, Colorado, bought a box of Quaker granola cereal, without knowing that they had actually picked up an edible relic that had expired way back in February of 1997. It wasn’t until Josiah and Anthea Carelse sat down for a serving of cereal that they realized something wasn’t right about it. Continue reading

World’s Cutest Fishmonger Has Four Legs Up on the Competition

Cat in Funny Outfit

In business, to rise above the competition, you’ve got to have a leg up—or four. A street vendor in Vietnam has figured out an ingenious way to get himself noticed, and it’s an advantage that we could never gain. The fishmonger is a cat! Known as Dog, the 3-year-old feline accompanies his owner Le Quoc Phong to the local marketplace. Dog is always dressed in stylish attire that makes him look like he means business. After witnessing his charms, how could you not buy a filet of fresh fish from him? Continue reading