Colorado Family Accidentally Buys and Eats Cereal That Had Expired in 1997

You may want to check the expiration date the next time you’re out shopping for groceries. One Colorado family failed to do just that and ended up eating cereal from 1997.

On Monday, March 5th, the Carlese family, from Littleton, Colorado, bought a box of Quaker granola cereal, without knowing that they had actually picked up an edible relic that had expired way back in February of 1997. It wasn’t until Josiah and Anthea Carelse sat down for a serving of cereal that they realized something wasn’t right about it.

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World’s Cutest Fishmonger Has Four Legs Up on the Competition

In business, to rise above the competition, you’ve got to have a leg up—or four. A street vendor in Vietnam has figured out an ingenious way to get himself noticed, and it’s an advantage that we could never gain. The fishmonger is a cat! Known as Dog, the 3-year-old feline accompanies his owner Le Quoc Phong to the local marketplace. Dog is always dressed in stylish attire that makes him look like he means business. After witnessing his charms, how could you not buy a filet of fresh fish from him?

It turns out that Dog is well-suited for the spotlight. “My little cat loves taking pictures. He’s also very cooperative when wearing the costumes.” Phong says. It’s what earned him the name Dog in the first place—he acts like a dog, even down to the way he breathes.

Dog’s fashion sense and laid-back personality have earned him loads of attention. (“He also has a lot of girlfriends and a lot of children in the country,” Phong explains.) You can also include the rest of the world, where his pictures of being at the fish market have gone viral.

Although Dog’s yellow satin ensemble and floppy hat are garnering a bulk of the attention, it’s not all that he wears. Phong’s newly-establish Instagram shows the cat in clothes and wearing a variety of costumes, from police officer to pirate.

Meet Dog, the world’s cutest fishmonger.

The cat in clothes is a savvy businessman…

… he’s in charge…

… and surveys the competition.

Dog also diversifies his offerings…

… and isn’t afraid to rock new looks every once and a while.

Le Quoc Phong: Facebook
Dog the Cat: Instagram

h/t: [Bored Panda]

All images via Le Quoc Phong.

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Russian Politician’s Unusual Hairstyle Goes Viral

Russian senator Valentina Petrenko’s political career stretches back to the days of the former Soviet Union, and she’s since held various senior official jobs, but the thing she is most known for is her hair. Already the subject of countless memes on Russian social media, Petrenko’s glorious hairdo recently went viral internationally, and people just can’t stop talking about it.

Speculation regarding Valentina Petrenko’s bizarre hairstyle has been running rampant on Twitter ever since Alex Bruce-Smith, an associate news editor at Pedestrian Daily, shared some photos of the Russian senator representing the Republic of Khakassia. There’s just so much people want to know about her hair. Is it real or a wig? How does she make it stay up like that? Is that where all the Russian top-secret information is hidden? Unfortunately, all anyone can do at this point is speculate, as the Russian politician doesn’t seem very eager to talk about it.

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Jonathan Higbee’s captures hilarious coincidence on New York streets

Coincidences are all around us but you really need to have a knack for spotting them. Photographer Jonathan Higbee has walked the streets of New York City for nearly a decade capturing such moments of sheer coincidence with his handy-dandy camera.

The unusual, and at times odd, moments not only occur very rarely but when they do, they last for just half a second. When the timing is just right, Higbee manages to snap shots that make subjects almost appear to be popping out of alternate dimensions. Juxtaposing imagery found on billboards to signage with passersby, the images are actually hilarious sometimes.

Higbee recently took home the World Street Photography grand prize in 2015 and a LensCulture 2016 Street Photography Award. His work has also been exhibited in shows all over the world with many of his photos recently featured in World Street Photography 4. Follow him on Instagram for more.


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Couple Request Photo of Jeff Goldblum in Their Room, Singapore Hotel Goes Above and Beyond to Oblige

A couple visiting Singapore had a somewhat unusual request for the hotel they had booked their stay at – to have a photo of actor Jeff Goldblum placed next to their bed. I don’t know how many hotels would take that sort of thing seriously, but the Mariott Tang Plaza, in Singapore, definitely does.

The hotel received the unusual request in an email confirming the couple’s arrival, and even though the staff didn’t use the specific image attached by the client, they made sure that the couple was satisfied when they entered their room. When the visitors finally arrived, they found not one but several photos of actor Jeff Goldblum, both in the room and even in the bathroom.

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Futurologist Predicts Human Immortality Might Be Closer Than You Think

If someone told you that the human race is very close to living forever, what would you say? According to futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson, by 2050 we’ll have the capability to become “immortal.” Pearson, a former sound engineer and inventor, claims to have “85% accuracy when looking 10-15 years ahead,” and lists several technological advances as reasons for his prediction.

“There are quite a lot of people interested in living forever,” Dr. Pearson tells The Sun. “There always has been, but the difference now is tech is improving so quickly, lots of people believe they can actually do it.” One technique for extending our lifespan? Pearson points to advances in genetic engineering to prevent cell aging and scientists attempting to create 3D printed organs. This would allow us to simply replace “old parts” when necessary. While it might sound crazy, IFL Science points out that he may be alluding to factual studies, such as the gene editing tool, CRISPR-Cas 9.

But Pearson is really banking on android bodies as our pathway to immortality. Equating it to “renting a car,” he theorizes that “the mind will basically be in the cloud, and be able to use any android that you feel like to inhabit the real world.” Brain interfaces are already a reality, though they are primarily used by people with extreme paralysis. These chips, implanted directly in the brain, allow people to operate prosthetics or computers with their thoughts. And with increasingly realistic dolls being pushed by the sex industry, Pearson’s idea may not be so farfetched.

One final theory by Pearson eschews a physical body altogether, in lieu of the virtual world. “You could make as much fun as you could possibly imagine online. You might still want to come into the real world,” he predicts. “You could link your mind to millions of other minds, and have unlimited intelligence, and be in multiple places at once.” But alas, if you are getting ready for 2050, you better start saving your cash. Pearson predicts the first wave of technology will only be available to the ultra-rich, with it taking about 10 to 15 years to trickle down to the rest of us.

h/t: [IFL Science!]

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