Snøhetta to renovate historic Detroit station for Ford innovation centre

Architecture firm Snøhetta plans to transform Detroit‘s Michigan Central Station into a research hub for car company Ford, with proposals for a “collaborative ecosystem” of professionals to develop self-driving vehicles.

The Corktown Campus project will involve the overhaul of the historic building, which has been in disrepair for 30 years since Amtrak last used the train station, as well as nearby facilities to form a mixed-use development close to downtown Detroit. Continue reading

“Glasgow School of Art simply cannot be razed”

Glasgow School of Art must be rebuilt, argues Mark Cousins, not just because it’s Charles Rennie Mackintosh‘s masterpiece, but because it’s an invaluable showcase for Scottish craft skills.

The role of the architect is often overly romanticised in popular culture. Think Liam Neeson in Love Actually or Gary Cooper’s portrayal of Howard Roark in The Fountainhead. Roark exemplifies the myth of the visionary architect struggling to assert his genius, battling the apparently philistine attitudes of colleagues and clients. The drama culminates with Roark dynamiting his own building, rather than accepting a compromised design. Continue reading

Samsung introduces Ambient Mode allowing TVs to blend into the wall

Dezeen promotion: Samsung has added a feature to its latest QLED televisions that allows the screen to appear almost transparent when not in use.

Samsung’s Ambient Mode is designed to cloak the television by mimicking the look of the wall behind it or to enhance the environment with additional imagery and information, such as the time, weather or news headlines.

The function is built into the tech giant’s 2018 QLED televisions. These sport an ultra-thin bezel and Samsung’s signature One Invisible Cable, which means that with Ambient Mode on, a wall-mounted television will blend almost seamlessly into the wall behind it. Continue reading

Instagram’s new Manhattan offices by Gehry Partners provide ample photo opportunities

Instagram New York office
Photograph courtesy of Instagram

Instagram has moved into a workspace in New York City by Frank Gehry‘s architecture firm, where employees and visitors can make use of a soundproof media studio and snap photos with various backdrops.

The image-sharing company has taken over the top floors of 440 Broadway, the old Wanamaker’s department store close to Manhattan’s Astor Place, where its parent company Facebook also has offices. Continue reading