This Convor Craft Makes an Eggs-ellent Companion

The convorees, bird-like creatures first seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and later in Star Wars Rebels, make quite an impression every time we see them on screen. There’s more to the convor than meets the eye, especially one particularly keen observer with its brightly colored plumage.

Turn a wooden egg into your own unique, colorful convor companion to watch over you on your own journey this Easter. Continue reading

Out of the Garden: Biblical tale depicted with massive sculpture made of nails

John Bisbee has been using nails for the purposes of creating art for nearly three decades! He just might be onto something here.

The Maine-based artist is out with his latest series of sculptures all comprised of the medium of nails. The large-scale pieces feature a number of organic shapes that intertwine and grow. The creations are being exhibited under the title, “Out of the Garden” – a clear reference to the Biblical tale. Continue reading

Calvin Nicholls’ haut-relief animal sculptures are incredibly realistic

A while back we talked about how Calvin Nicholls is basically the master of paper sculptures (here) and now he’s back with more insanely detailed bird portraits.

The Canadian artist’s material of choice is, of course, paper and his favorite tool is the scalpel. An unlikely match that Nicholls has mastered over the years. His latest series of portraits feature birds, bears, and foxes rendered in haut-relief fashion. The majority of his pieces boast monochromatic shades yet they feel extraordinarily alive and realistic. Literally hundreds of small bits of paper scores ever so slightly to give that feathery look to each piece. Continue reading

This compact mobile phone is purposely designed to discourage people from using the internet

Being more connected couldn’t actually be what we needed to become happier,” claimed designers Kaiwei Tang and Joe Hollier. “There were all of these products and apps coming out left and right all claiming to make our lives better. These products didn’t respect the user or their time.”

These sentiments brought the duo to a conclusion of designing a mobile phone to prevent people from being overly attached to the internet. The Light Phone, although fully functional for calling and texting, does not have the basic tools of a modern smartphone. Apps can’t be downloaded on the phone which means users can’t go on Instagram, Facebook, or simply check their emails. Continue reading

Projection Wall: Large bubbles emit from grid of rope by Rintaro Hara

Projection Wall puts a whole new shine on bubble fun in a wall-to-floor installation that creates prismatic sculptures using a pulley system that visitors operate.

As the pulley is lifted, large bubbles rise from a grid of rope. Then, they are pushed into the room thanks to a fan that sits behind the installation. The work is designed to be a collaborative one and was built by Japanese artist Rintaro Hara for the 2017 Japan Alps Festival. Continue reading

Snake-like sculptures made of bird feathers by Kate MccGwire

Don’t be fooled by silky smooth coiling sculptures by Kate MccGwire. They may at first glance appear to be serpent-like but are, in fact, composed of feathers provided by farmers, gamekeepers, and pigeon racers.

The British artist contains the pieces tightly inside frames, cabinets, and bell jars, making the audience feel suffocated and a tad uncomfortable given the snake-like appearance of each piece. MccGwire was inspired to begin the project after stumbling upon a pigeon colony with heaps of feathers near her studio. In particular, magpie and mallard feathers feature an inky blue aesthetic with exotic patterns. Continue reading